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these streets will make you feel brand new

after my crazy appointment i felt like i should probably spoil myself by hitting every shop on queen west on my way home. this one is too expensive for words but i dunno, one retarded overpriced item a year isn’t too bad? i ended up blowing 90 bucks on five shirts instead at 69 vintage.

i feel like i’d need to start smoking again if i wanted to wear fred astaire shoes. oh, you smoke? no, only when i wear these.

guys in these shoes and some nice yuppie shorts, oh man, i die. i’m sure alicia is with me on this one.



these are the acceptable jogging pants chicks can wear (as long as you pair them with four hundred dollar stacked clogs and a bad attitude) they’re $130. i almost did it. i slouch a lot anyway, that’s my stance, these are perfect slouching posing pants. you gotta be ready.

AA carries them too no? i should do the cheapie route before i decide my next fashion guru is chuck norris. (get it, karate pants omg you guys make SOME effort here please). i really like the pockets i bet i’d be playing pocket pool like crazy in these or pretend like i was always looking for something in my pocket now…where is that nickel?

had a pretty vivid dream about damon albarn and i was worried (quite stressed rather) about how i was going to get away with sneaking around with him. i woke up to reality and my non-encounter with damon albarn. holy shit can that guy just call me already i’ve spent a good grand on miscellaneous blurchandise over the years he at least owes me a roll in the hay, a photo to remember it by, and a fuckin’ high five thanks for the support despite him being a geezer now.

listened to this a billion times today it’s in my head from last nite.

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9 thoughts on “these streets will make you feel brand new

  1. the chick in the pick at first i thought it was you, she kinda looks like you. i love the necklesse they have in that store. but those things you said no to the shoe/boot crap i agree it looks like something someone would wear in a austin powers movie. but cool pics raymi…

  2. Who makes those black shoes? They’re uh-maze… I bought some similar Aldo’s, I want to know the price of those babies to know if I feel regret or not

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