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closing tiiiime

ugh i look like a beast.

so so into abba. gold was the soundtrack to my wicked seventeen year old straight givin’er times. this song especially brings back a lot of nostalgic bad girl memories.

it’s weird to be in contact with people from that period in my life. really fucking weird. people you had written off entirely, never to see or be heard from again. kinda funny actually and apparently i’m a skeleton in their closet too haha oh yuppies, too easy. no contest. yes, you are all running for mayor.

gays love me because they can easily see impersonating me in drag. we all require personal heroes, no?

my aunt came by for a visit and shared some pasta with me. it was sweet.

clem picked her up. literally.

everyone at work is super acrobatic. it’s one of the skills required to work there actually. teppei can jump onto the bar from a standing position. nucking futs! he has like, a twelve pack. clem asked what i would do if i had a boyfriend with abs like that. i’d lock him in a cage.

exact moment in time coworker and a ‘mo admit to my overall hotness, don’t fight it guys. also i left my vibrator ahem, massager, at work for the crabby people.

ahh man what a write off day now that friday is out of the way (the give it harder night) we can commence with friday’s second chance classically known as saturday.

note to self remind teppei how serious we are about starting the reverse plastic ono band, i’m john, he’ll be yoko.

thanks to last nite i had to push my meeting with secret (book) agent man to tomorrow. it’s ok he knows how much of a stoner (loser) HARD WORKING CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF SOCIETY i am. isn’t it his job to be pushing me? yeah i think it is let me look over that contract again.

14 thoughts on “closing tiiiime

  1. I checked, the contract distinctly says that “Raymi has to push herself and then secret agent man will help her push herself”. He’s kinda like God that way.

  2. isn’t there some cog somewhere who can write the proposal for me while i orate from across the room in my dreamy hash pillow haze perch i mean honestly who has the time for this shit?

  3. guess that’s why you’re hung up on that sleep thing.
    BTW nice editing above, I can already feel you are more hard-working and contributing to the well-being of society.

  4. damn i always feel so late to your posts i used to be so QUICK on them now i am hours behind booo. i so want a job where it’s okay to sing at work instead of getting weird looks for it.

  5. yes, will you finally stop wearing make up? that would be great.

    im excited about your yoko/john idea. im actually terribly excited. i will be expecting pictures. not too many though.

    what shoes are you wearing lately?

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