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they made their house from cedar

bluren was my blur nickname you idiots.

can i pull off this hat no i can’t. check my four hour’s sleep eyebag line, no wait don’t. not like you could miss it though here let me just HIGHLIGHT IT MORE.

vermicelli break. kinda bleh compared to my true spadina garden love.

waffle shirt one.

love handles i have conquered thee. it’s gonna be a gooood summer.

dear dad, thanks for the apathetic constitution. your teenage face lives on.

waffle two. kinda bland but a good bland, tight yet loose yet tight. alright.

i could wear it like a dress if i was feeling especially insano.

nebraska is for lovers. she threw this guy in for free so sweet as it was my favourite find. it says bob on the back. bob. from nebraska. hi bob, i feel like i know so much about you and yet you know nothing about me and that makes me sad.

close to going with a huge man cardi but then spied this soft little lamb.

i can feel your jealousy and it disgusts me.

hair air dries kinky like this.

now i’m just waiting to be invited to go back in time to an 80’s aspen fondue wife-swap.

charades anyone?

who messed up this dresser i can totally tell one necklace was moved.

ain’t she swell my pube line goes up to my ears and down to my knees. greek in a past life. the first time i ever did some upkeep down there i didn’t know how the shit to go about it so i used a razor and i guess went a little far with the project. ingrown bumps for days after that. cool i screwed up my life at puberty.

shrinkage was so underwhelmed by my life changes it was like i was telling him about folding socks.

evidently i am a mess a big old mess according to some nobody who reads my blog and i’m unaware of it. sorry i forgot to send out the i’m a mess right now bulletin. but mostly i’m sorry for your sad bastard life and wrongful conclusions about me and mine. i love my life right now. let me emphasize it, i am LOVIN’ LIFE RIGHT NOW. i have never been so happy. well im sure i have but for the moment this is the happiest i have been in a very fucking long time and i’m sorry (not sorry) it appears messy on the outside. choke on my happiness you penis.

analamos Says:

here is a diagnosis, free of charge; yer a mess. you do not notice that you are a mess because…well, because you are a mess. but it’s good you are down to only half a litre of booze a day from three full litres. congrats. gold medal in messery goes to…you.

raymi Says:

oh im a mess because im honest. right. YAWN!! im a mess because im a mess boy that was lazy of you. do you know what? everyone is a mess. no one has it figured out. i’m merely online sharing my tales of life in-flux. i have never been so happy before.

i’ve also not been so present and self-aware like this in ages. you think you’re such a slick fucker i’m not even going to bother making fun of where you live and generalizing the tired brand of skid you are cos at heart you know that i know that you know your life sucks which is why you psycho-analyze mine.

before this period i was doing everything right from a shallow viewpoint. man, ring, en route to marriage and inevitably kids. yet we were soooo unhappy. now we have none of those things and are happy. so fuck you and your stupid textbook philosophies, you are dead wrong. the messiest thing about me is my room and my sentences.

god why am i always defending myself to assholes all the time.

26 thoughts on “they made their house from cedar

  1. i’m flipping out over here, this whole hair debacle, can it grow any slower? where do the problems end?

  2. When you are in the public eye, you subject yourself to the negative opinions of others, and yes, usually they are more miserable and imperfect than yourself
    but why give them the negative attention of exposure
    its the most attention they will ever get, but you honour it?

    They are mean, hateful, cold and manipulative bullies, don’t let them hold you hostage

    Please get more sleep and I miss your love handles.


  3. raymi you find the only cool places where they sell cool things. i have know idea how you find these places. but you always put some awesome pics for these store.

  4. oh MAN, the messiest thing about me is my room and my sentences?

    love it…

    & fuck that guy, he’s probably just pissed because hot girls like you would never fuck him. he’s busy trying to convince himself that you are secretly miserable to make himself feel better about never being able to fucking score…ugh. pathetic.

  5. We are ALL a mess, I’m a huge mess most of the time, I don’t have a single friend who isn’t basically a mess! Who cares, and yes, I too am very happy. I don’t think anyone is ever truly 100 % content with every aspect of their lives, and if they are what is left to strive for or hope for? You are entertaining the hell out of so many people while being so honest and raw, I think most people wish they could bare their souls and lay out their insecurities the way you can. It would be a relief at times, but most of us are so afraid to be judged for who we really are! Good for you to be able to express what and who you really are to the extent that you do and just take whatever comes with it! Wish I was so strong and brave. And good for you for admitting you don’t always feel so confident about doing so, so many can relate!

  6. I love your new hair color. My guess is that your hair would look even better shorter. I don’t know why. I just think you have such a pretty face (unlike me) that needs to be shown. That’s pretty much the main reason.

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