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one love united two bodies synchronizin’

Hello Raymi dearest. Do you remember when I use to call you an asshole all the time on viceland? Haw! The key to the internet is to talk at people and never respond to them. Never answer questions. Never acknowledge. Just at at at. The creepy lurker doesn’t exist. You’re not supposed to write a fucking post about him.

Billy Mystery

Good point. Honestly I was just passing time stoned jeez people think I’m slitting my wrists over it. Which vice fuck were you there’s billions.

Hint: I wasn’t Lloyd.

I’m not sure if I like you now, I just don’t feel like being mean anymore because I’m really mature.

You took the ball and ran with it. I want to see what happens. You don’t seem to have a plan.

I have no fucking clue who you are and no I don’t have a plan because I have a life.

Course not. There were billions. How can your write a goddam blog for a decade and then say you have no plan because you “have a life.”

Miscommunication. I’m too blasted right now for how deep this might get.

N-joy. xo

How are u even following my bullshit still

What do you mean? Like how would I be bothered to?

I dunno. I just place vice history in a diff compartment of my brain entirely. I’m loads more sensitive since then.

Who could forget, the entire letters section was reserved for driving a train up your ass. Anyway, it’s well past bedtime in my land. goodnite (I’m loads more sensitive too).

you’ve been blogged

can’t wait to see your photos brett.

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