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canada (ontario specifically) rules and today is one example thereof. we don’t have enough lazy days between christmas and march break so lets invent a bullshit holiday and call it family day yeah yeah we’ll say we’re going to spend time with our families but really we’ll just lay around hungover wishing we made it to the beer store in time before it closed on sunday. but to people like me who work never it’s kind of a meh, unnecessary holiday. i mean, i always appreciate more people being available to dick the dog with but really, family day is a bit rich. years from now no one will even question what it is, they’ll forget how new the holiday is and it’ll be like how valentine’s day was invented. i can’t wait til hallmark creates HAPPY FAMILY DAY cards. do it already. here’s your rhymey message:



on this cherished day
family day
we come together to celebrate how obnoxious it is for this holiday to exist at all
it would be cool if the lcbo were open
please don’t talk to me for the rest of the night you make me sick

what kind of picture would you pair with that? a television with rabbit ears, a stressed out mom and a fat dad sitting in a recliner and two bored teenagers playing nintendo DS’s.

poor john is spending time with his family today oh isn’t that nice. no really it is i don’t know why i’m doing dick voice right now i’m actually quite content, i have the house to myself for two days ahhh.

it’s kinda fucked up that i have a picture i took of the WTC burning framed right? i asked fil about it once, i had that on my side table for years. he said it wasn’t fucked up. too much time has passed for me to take it out now.

second hand wii fit has parental controls on it so we can’t change the country to USA (imperial) so i have to convert kilos every time, kinda takes the fun out of it yet adds some too, mostly mystery. ooh i’m underweight which magic number will it be today? this raymii is way too exotic and tanned i can’t remember the eyes i used for the other miis i’ve made before. i also captured her blinking.

v day dinner was exquisite. then we had some niacin and the nite was ruined for a little while there. man up guy! the niacin flush was a little much truth be told, i’m still cringing about it.

melodie’s ring.

learning, getting there. melodie is a nutrionist. we’re going to design a plan for me to get rid of the dark circles beneath my eyes. i am sick of wearing tons of makeup to mask my allergy shiners.

aw thanks happy venereal disease day from your third wheel.

oh fuck you guys (lucas) i haven’t used one dish here yet or cooked one meal.

we were looking for black panther poses to copy off google and it got funny i guess.

how do i make it so when i check emails on my laptop they get deleted/checked on my BB as well? tired of having to re-read everything on that thing. i am sick of the flashing red light in my peripheral vision most of all.

keyword blog (search) analysis of the moment:

raymi the minx
and raymi!
raymi the min
raymi lauren
everythings fucken closed on family day
vagina cookie
i know you better than you know
raymi my grandma
notorious blog

26 thoughts on “WEST END GIRL

  1. Go into “Email Settings”, then go to “Edit” on whatever account you’re using… scroll down, should be an option to “Synchronize deleted items between this mailbox and my device” and you choose yes then save

  2. family day meant hipster laundry day in my neighbourhood. the best way to enjoy this holiday is just stay in, don’t try to go out for brunch you’ll just be disappointed that everything’s closed.

  3. mine was being baked in bed all day. now im goin to eat the roommate’s cake i said i wouldnt. ok i fucking love family day. i might order booze delivery. fil is sort of family, he’s on his way over.

  4. love the black panther pose, v. funny, also love the hat with the little ears/horns
    and Melodie’s ring is hilarious
    now I’m hungry because of the food pic, again
    the WTC pic is a reminder of a defining moment – if I had taken one I would frame it and keep it around also, for the same kind of reasons as that picture of Yoko that I have
    and Nina Simone rules!

  5. People buy prints of the WTC in flames, or those WTC rising coin collectibles which I think is weird.

    I looooove that dresser and am on the look out for THAT colour in pretty much anything now, I’m a girl obsessed.

  6. Let us know what she says about the under eye circles. I have the same problem. It’s annoying. I heard somewhere that in Chinese medicine it has something to do with your kidneys working too hard or something…

  7. Come on we all know bmi is a load of crap. As are “recommended daily allowances” of food. Half the world makes do on not much more than 1000 cals a day. I went to India and decided to “eat like a local”. Their helpings would easily fit on a saucer.

    By the way I finally got a 3G phone yesterday and though I still don’t understand how a Blackberry works, I managed to half surf the internet on this thing that is far smaller. Anyways, I have to inform you the “clever” parental lock thing, that I didn’t want anyway BLOCKED your site. I think they object to the Minx in your name.

    Ho hum

  8. I don’t find it weird about the WTC pictures. People bought postcards of them when they were standing, and what happened to them was a historic event. I mean it’s a crappy one, but having pictures of it isn’t weird. People are too damn sensitive about crap.

  9. If you figure out the key to banishing dark undereye circles, DO TELL. I’ve just about given up on that shit–concealer never looks right either, ugh (I can guarantee you men don’t worry about this shit!)

  10. Family day actually exists in other countries! I traveled for a year and came home to a new holiday. Uber weird.

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