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raymi’s special olympics opening ceremony

the bag before soared elegantly through the nite right into the bin but then i over-thought this one. cool effort. next time i’ll throw myself in after.

ryan bigge mentioned me in the star today. (we sort of used to hang out years ago, same crowd of people, what happened to everybody?) coincidentally, clem said i was the most famous poor person, recently. fuck that! basically, i give away way too much free content and i’m tired of hearing about it. i’m going to have to start doing something about that. CASH IS KING. i need a regular column so i can bring you guys over there once a week to read something a little more legible and then that publication can benefit from my serious traffic. deal? nice doing business with future you.

i’m a giant pig. oh, mistletoe. i’m masking an anxiety attack in this photo.

what? why do cats stare at you like you’re the idiot? THEY’RE THE ONES PERCHED ON A FUCKING GARAGE.

loving the passive aggressive tag fights all over reverb. oh look a harajuku girl.

brennen demelo always has the best magazines to cruise through.

rose is my hair girl. i will never cheat on you again. well maybe only with myself.

bar fly. more like BARF LY. kidding kidding. bet you little wieners would love to hear all about this shit eh? muahaha. OMG CALL NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

so so greasy last nite was such an all over steam room experience. thankfully i always bring multiple shirts to change into.

have to go as long as possible without washing it.

these kids made it for last call. i thought french club was fridays?

omg know parking shut up pretentious gay loser. (actually it’s funny i like it).

alright gorgeous town here i come. i’ve been listening to blur baked for so long my right foot is numb (honest injun position). lucas made us v day breakfast. a year ago today i was engaged. we’re better people for it now though i can’t help but feel like a total piece of shit most of the time.

oh yeah totally forgot the reason for the blur mention. i was a super fan from grade 7 til i lost my viginity (15) so if you can tell me what my blur-related nickname was i will mail you a surprise box of junk. first correct answer wins!

38 thoughts on “raymi’s special olympics opening ceremony

  1. re: the stuff we all want to hear about…

    Raymi, you are the queen of suspense – never mind Stephen King – ‘cept you are the non-horror version of course ^_-

    Also LOVE the new hair colour. Very “Spring” <3

  2. wrong. all wrong. and dont ever talk to me about song 2 (sellout) worst song ever. was into blur well before that song existed and then it went to garbage. not snapping at you, just at the moon.

  3. Probably those cats think you’re the idiot for NOT being able to sit on a garage and look cool at the same time. By the way that German text says “and the music plays on and on and on” ~ wow, those torturous years of study finally have borne fruit ;->…

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