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the keeper of jennifer’s body

Photos by britt

it’s funny when i do headcase posts all the headcases come out to hang, it’s rewarding. that’s a sure way to pull in some traffic. BLOG YOUR FEEEELINGS. there’s many things i want to address in the comments but haven’t had the time. it’s frustrating reading comments thru my blackberry and not being able to react other than to just publish and file away for later but i guess you guys can help me out in that department and talk amongst yourselves.

have a hair appt later today thank fuck there’s just no way around looking greasy when you have metre-long roots. i worked the upstairs bar last nite, kinda quiet up there. good for french practising as friday is french club nite. i stomped on one of these guy’s feet once accidentally, he flirtily pretended it hurt so i played along and proclaimed en-croy-a-bluh! in my least shittiest faux francophone accent and i think i pulled it off as an awed hush tidal wave of silence overcame the frenchies and it was like the sun of a million boners setting for miles and miles amongst them. oh la la elle parle français?

oh yeah the top left pic of me on the shag rug is kind of a hat tip to a photo jamie took of me years ago when i was 19 i’ll go scare it up. i start a lot of conversations with when i was 19. i packed a lot of bullshit into that formative year. i did. here‘s the photo, dunno why i can’t right click it, cool settings jamie.

ok fucktits lets do this shit.

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  1. I once found a Blackberry in a shop. But I gave it back. From all I could see it was a mobile phone with a keyboard tiny enough for elves to type on and I had no idea how it worked. But they are quite expensive for a phone so surely they must be good. But can you actually READ very much on one of them..??

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