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suburban reflections

yeah i guess i should update this thing. look at my hair. LOOK AT IT. ugh zzz. no energy today cos i got blasted with mom last nite. i don’t think i paid for one drink. city girls you really really need to branch that shit out sometimes. city boys never pay for shit. no gentlemanly nothing to ‘em (if you so happen to bump into one at a bar, not saying they’re all like this). it’s cos they see city girls as plentiful, if that one can’t stand my scroogeness there’s five more lined up down the bar who’d probably die to buy me a drink. in the suburbs there’s more men than women to go around, or at bars anyway. also you are hotter than everyone else too because you know how to put outfits together so you pretty much have the pick of the pack. i walked passed a group of dudes on my way back from the bathroom, one guy was like blah blah blah well and then i…JESUS! good feeling. sorry i am in an arrogant phase right now. crazy single girl syndrome i suppose.

i also cannot get the vision of all my possessions stacked in garbage bags out of my mind every single second of the day it really bothers me. monday can’t come soon enough. on sunday the boss is taking us all paintballing that’ll be a good stress reliever. i was going to say i don’t think i’ve ever shot something before but that’s not true i shot bb’s though i doubt the rush is anywhere close to amazing as the one you’d get from shooting someone with paint pellets or whatever they come in.

ugh so scattered.

i feel like everything i post is TMI forever anyway. i don’t even know what normal is anymore. i feel so disconnected from myself, i don’t know how to describe it. i’ll chalk it up to stress and feeling like i am constantly running. i can’t be still. SEE more TMI! omg just shut up.

go to this tonite. fil will be there. we’re cool now.

13 thoughts on “suburban reflections

  1. good hair day, so pretty. nothing is ever tmi, I have things I want to TMI about on the blog but it’s not like ground breaking stuff, just weird stuff. i say do it!

  2. being cool with an ex = you took the high road

    those pics make me want to take you and your mom to dinner.

  3. True! The burbs, or country/prairie in my case, is littered with guys who want to buy you drinks and you being the best dressed. Tho’ it’s hard to look bad compared to the many fleece/Columbia Jacket-lovers/girls-wearing-running-shoes-to-the-bar out there. my point: You look great

    Just discovered your blog and I love it!

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