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new/old vintage necklace. was looking for a new coat, couldn’t find what my vision was. too scattered. lack of sleep zzz.

no time to take pics of myself lately. wore this to work last nite. the end of the chain dangled in to so many disgusting things hahah. ugh losing tan.

mer would like these i think.

i had this game! played it with a babysitter once and not even halfway through a game she looked at me and said it was boring. i asked if she liked it and she said no. NICE BABYSITTER!

errr ahh…?

this spicy vietnamese sub burnt my face for real, looked like i had herpe (well, temporary red splotch whatevs) at the corner of my mouth and wiped all my makeup off.

now get a load of this blame it on the raaaaaaaymi email:

Dear Ms. White,

I don’t know you and I don’t read you all that often, but my recent ex does and I thought she may have taken some inspiration from you as she too is in the blogosphere and is a very big fan of yours.

Anyways. I know that she’s been in contact with you in the past and certainly your breakup was all over the news and I figure maybe just maybe you inspired her a little.

As with many of your comments I suppose this one is along the same vein of “here’s a surprising ripple effect of your celebrity.” Like I said I don’t know if she contacted you or even thought of you, but I’ll bet somewhere in her subconscious was “raymi did it with Phil, so maybe I can do it too.”

I am not writing to blame or anything of that nature, just merely to comment to you off the record that I was sad for the moment and that I hope that if she got her inspiration from you that your next moves for the next year are awesome so that maybe she’ll ride similar ripples of your online effect.

That is all.

32 thoughts on “inspiration?

  1. if your girlfriend dumped you because some blogger she doesn’t know dumped some guy she doesn’t know, then she wasn’t too serious about you in the first place. that or she has no mind of her own, in which case why would you want to be with her?

    why did this guy send this to you anyway? just an fyi?

  2. before phil and i broke up i got emails like these all the time too. i guess he’s bitter, no fault to that. i gave a lot of girls courage/strength to realise that their relationships weren’t the fantasies they’d hoped them to be. some dude friends of mine dumped their gfs too even. i’ll answer to the rest in a bit, zombie’d out currently.

  3. that shit is just fucking weird. leave that.

    yeah, Maudin. you too.
    I’ve been watching you too you mouthy cunt.

  4. Raymi, blow me! (Sound of ice-cracking because I can longer comment on Raymi’s blog…) Oh Jesus, whatever will I do. Someone call 911!! Raymi, as a last thought (and like most youngsters, once you’ve gotten over yourself, grown up enough to reflect a little further out than your navel…); consider getting sober, and coming to grips with the distance between your grandiose notions and your actual gift. That journey will take awhile. Peace and see ya in the comics ;-)

  5. you confuse everything you sick fuck. you went from abusing my mother constantly and harassing me and her to obsessively aggressively commenting on my ex’s and i’s blog throughout the course of our breakup, imparting bullshit look at me sage advice comments that nobody asked for. you’re the one who is fucked, old man. go back to being a psychotic wonder now.

    you insult people, they have warranted reactions and then you chalk it all up to navel gazing? FUCK YOU!

    i am just a regular person with a blog. take a relax pill.

  6. I finally clicked on Johnny’s linked username and all of his comments are now hilariously laughable to me. An old BEARDED guy who wears FLANNEL clinging to one minor accomplishment from 40 years ago. Ahahahaha.

  7. this comment thread is sort of unexpectedly intense. I’d like only to say that the hoof-lamp is a real mindbender. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what that pink woman-thing with the other pink thing inside it (her) is all about. I can’t even figure out what it is. perhaps I’m naive. or thinking too hard.

    those nudie rulers rule. also, vietnamese sandwiches rule. I’m a cheerleader, apparently.

  8. Geeze, If I had an accomplishment…I wouldn’t let anyone know. For real.

    WHO HEARS THAT… you mouthy fuck?

  9. That email freaked me out for a sec, cuz C and I are currently breaking up, and I DO read your blog. (And when you explained why you broke up with Phil in a post awhile back, I could relate to quite a bit of it….)

    ‘Course, he didn’t write that email. It just weirded me out. Damn timing.

  10. you look good in that blue dress

    come stay with me for a couple of days

    Maudlinn, when you attack my daughter pubically expect to be let go from her well established comment section

    Its amazing how many people will use internet to angrily abuse others

    If you had something so genuinely helpful to say to her, it could have been done privately

  11. Many women pine for an old relationships
    Its not really the man they are grieving for
    Its what they thought or wanted the relationship to be
    And how good they wanted the man to be to them

  12. that’s not the world of barbie?! barbie doesn’t fucking camp… god.

    I do enjoy the fact that she’s fishing out of a bucket, though.

  13. When things go stupid in my life I will reach for any explanation to rationalize it so it makes sense and follows some kind of order. I could be inspiration mixed with his shitty luck or just the latter.

  14. wow to the letter, and wow to the old man who keeps spreading his bullshit comments all over the internet.

    these people need a friggin’ life.

  15. this email; a summary:

    “My girlfriend broke up with me. You broke up with Phil. She is a fan of yours. Oh no, I’m not blaming you for anything. I’M JUST SAYING.”

    So what’s the point of that circular exercise in writing, then? I mean, either come out and say you think Raymi inspired the girlfriend to break up or don’t bother to write anything at all. You can’t imply the former and deny it at the same time to make yourself seem less neurotic. And how can you imply such a thing and present it in the tone of a “nice” friendly email? I’m not buying it. This concludes the current edition of “unsolicited rant from a stranger whose personal pet peeves have been irked.”

  16. I think it’s funny that old-evil-fucker-comment guy says you think you are the center of the universe (or whatever) when {clearly} you ARE–see email explaining how you control the relationships of other people as proof.

    Everyone sucks, basically. You mostly don’t suck and I love reading your blog, woman. I hope mean-assed strangers don’t hurt your feelings too much.

  17. No disrespect to you, Raymi, but if this guy’s ex is going to dump him based on the actions of someone she follows on the Internet but has never actually met, he’s probably better off without her.

    I mean, I follow Spencer Pratt, Juelz Santana and Mike Tyson on Twitter, but I’m not trying to model my life after them, y’know?

  18. oh these comments make me feel a little… uncomfortable. Anyway, aren’t we all the centre of our own universes? Obviously. Anyway, that’s a lot of creepy crazy stuff all in one place. But I too need a nudie ruler!

  19. I’ve been obsessed with my ex. I hate to be gay but raymi’s moms advice brought tears to my eyes. I’m a smart girl, why didn’t I think of that? Thanks :)

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