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last nite, she said.

so i got to throw out my first drunk it was awesome then it got not awesome because she then she climbed the bar, literally, the building, up to the upstairs patio, stood on it, began climbing down then realised she couldn’t so dangled there for awhile and fell on her ass on to the patio below. she was alright but holy fuck it’s like just leave already. what was she on speed too? nice friends by the way. the story spread throughout the entire bar it was funny hearing different perspectives of it. before being tossed she was jumping on the bar, around it, shoving everyone, confusing the attention she was getting for all that with positive attention. i was like sweetheart, time to go, now. NOW. this is the nicest we’re going to be about it then camilla comes out from behind me and steamrolls her right through the crowd hahaha.

i have the tireds. i have never seen the place so busy and did not know it got to be that busy. it’s looking to me like a regular hang place for a nice ole shit show, good to know. literally, it’s party central. single ladies read: plenty of dudes. had steak salad caviar cooked by the wonderful boss before/as closing up. very nice.

and a super old dude, gave me his card. he said something about my makeup and i was set to get fired up about it, i repeated what i thought i heard i’m wearing too much makeup? he said no your makeup looks really good. it’s fun watching beer goggles take effect, booze courage etc. great for the ego and overall entertainment. on wednesday two guys went through bottles of wine, jagers, pitchers so funny they come in all polite and normal then turn into booze vortex 2010 and one was the spitting image of eddie vedder. in a band too. we asked what their sound was and he goes, pearl jam. no shit eh so that look isn’t just coincidental?

i’m bummed i’m missing the buddcup dodgeball tournament today i’ve played in it two years in a row. i fully anticipated being out of commish today and was right.

i am stressed out of my mind right now i feel i might actually be on the cusp of a nervous breakdown. so far i’m channeling it alright but yeah, if i lose it this week i will not be at all surprised. moving stress. everything stress. STRESS!

ok back to bed.

8 thoughts on “last nite, she said.

  1. glad to hear the new gig is going well. ugh stress. i always think i am doing okay dealing and coping then bam i lose it and cry all over the damn place. take care of yourself! huuugs.

  2. No fun getting drunks out of a bar. It’s usually me. I fall down and I will NOT get up. Leave me the hell alone! A new perspective looking at peoples shoes. Speaking of drinking…
    (PS. Somehow I landed on your blog. Looked at some pictues. I’ll probably come back. Seems oaky.)

  3. i’ve been dealing with drunk fucks for going on 4 years now…i’m excited to hear your take on things. depending on the level of drunkness/dumbassary it either makes me want to never drink again or get completely wasted out of frustration. usually the second option wins out.

  4. dude… crowd control.. remember
    you are noob right now

    there is going to be more than this

    sooop up to the big picture where the accountability is

    that will get you offen the idiots

    it’s really like the next step up the porch

    to the swings… just saying

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