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got my nails did

you know when you get something jammed under a fingernail what do you do? use a different nail to dig it out of course but then the dirt gets stuck under that nail then you use the initial nail what got shit jammed beneath it to get the thing out of the other nail and so on until you LOSE YOUR GODDAMN FUCKING MIND. and by you i mean me. yesterday i partook in this little bullshit back and forth ritual in the bathroom for what felt like ten minutes i was like oh so this is why i never have nails cool.

finally went for a tan. vitamin d burst was direly necessary.

i ruined dinner by throwing a frozen brick of minced chicken onto the veggies in the pan. the thing looked totally thawed out all around how was i to know it was an ice cube to the core? so went out for japanese where-in our waitress smashed a glass right beside our table and some shards landed on it then the food came and i recalled stating the last time we ate there that we would no longer be eating there again (thank you weed for the decent memory recall) the food is overpriced, not that mind blowing but mostly, overpriced. the sashimi kinda blows too you have to eat it pretty fast otherwise halfway through you realise what you are doing and can easily get sicked out about it, the fish suddenly tastes fishy. you’d think for landing shards of broken glass onto a customer’s table you might give them a dish for free? ichiban? ichiBANNED!

dave bought wii and wii fit plus and this other game that you can sit on your ass and play. my mii character looks like my old one except with blonde hair, kinda bizarre to see. i don’t feel like a blonde person. i think i will have to be platinum white before it sinks in and even then i still won’t feel it. i think honey soft blonde is more my style as i have dark eyebrows. oh yeah wii so it feels good to work muscles that have long since turned to measly mush. that combined with yesterday’s tan has me not hating on my body so much today.

later on we’re hanging with jenny which i’m sure will be raising some people’s eyebrows if you have/had been following along since the beginning of blog. let me help you not waste your commenting time by stating here and now: 1. i do not fucking care what you have to say or think about her and her ex you-know-who in case you forgot this is MY blog and it existed well before these people ever touched my life. point being, spare me. people move on and grow up, it’s called life. be an adult and get over it. stop pining for something no one wants to discuss with you. 2. any and every person from here on in (i actually began implementing this not too long ago) who leaves me a piece of shit in my comments has their IP address outright banned from being able to even access my blog. re-release your ip? that one gets banned too and so on, in fact whole batches of ips have been blocked fucking over everyone in your hood too way to go jack. 3. i am not even friends with her ex anymore (shit happens) therefore you leaving me piss-ant comments about it is that much more embarrassing for you. 4. thank you in advance for the traffic hike ew bags.

ok so back to me and jenny. yeah she said some nasty shit about me and me her (she started it!) then some other stuff happened and i thought you know i should probably write her and make amends what’s the point in having shitty connections with so many people* all the time and for what? something that had NOTHING to do with me but i got dragged into anyway, no skin off my back right so i made contact, we said our i’m sorrys and here we are today about to get shit fucking drunk it’s gonna be awesome.

*have since copied this ideal and applied it to a few other relationships in my life as well you should do it too.

ps. i think it’s super lame that i have to have a warning disclaimer on my blog regarding some (should be insignificant) thing. everyone else who doesn’t care i apologize for making you feel like i am yelling at you. i am tired of fielding retarded comments from people who think i give a shit.

in case you can’t tell i am SO premenstrual right now.

23 thoughts on “got my nails did

  1. Hi Raymi! I read yr blog like crazy but I never comment cuz I feel shy. Just wanted to say I love it. I should send you a pic of my Hello Kitty “collection” (including tattoo)It’s fucken awesome…I think. :) thanks for making this blog!
    yr gorgeous!

  2. I am so lost and have no idea what you are talking about. but cool guy! merry christmas! i hate winter! i hate the holidays! fml fml fml.

    i think i need like 900 tans.

  3. oh fuck off loser. you missed the point entirely. i do not care for comments regarding peole who have nothing to do with my life/blog namely someone i am no longer friends with. you dig? banned.

  4. Is bought and sold like cheap stock and you shouldn’t be trusted by anyone. How long until you drop Jenny for being hotter or upstaging you?

  5. you’re a desperate idiot and you don’t know anything. loyalty? nice try bottom feeder. and for the record you piece of shit in either hamilton or burlington, my alleged loyalty never had a choice in the matter. again, you know nothing and it’s none of your business so seriously fuck yourself you bought into an ideal/concept that never existed anyway. i would never drop anybody for the petty reasons you mentioned am i talking to a four year old here?

  6. Hey Raymi: are you gonna have a merry christmas, or what? As a reader I am detecting (because I am a detective) an edge. Sort of a negative and surly contemptuous thing going on. Is that inaccurate? The humanized Raymi of the late fall seems to have been overtaken by the pissed off Raymi of early winter. Just commenting. That’s what comments are for, yeah?

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