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for the haters


thanks lee (haven’t heard from you in aaaages).

3 thoughts on “for the haters

  1. I always thought that “have you seen my striped shirt” comic on the sidebar was hilarious since you wore it so much and then it suddenly dissapeared

  2. good on you for doing that too
    i went googling for your movie quote, nothin
    wiki, nothing
    so being quite busy at work i wiki’d lauren white, nothin
    raymi, nothing
    BUT Inti Raymi is the Incan festival of the sun, maybe sungod
    so i’ve learnt something today
    re your current eating habits, maybe your metabolism is a fat burning machine at the moment
    eat, don’t drink, smoke, be merry
    one thing i have to say, i have to!! sun beds are not good for you
    too much, too strong, turns cancerous
    you don’t need that

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