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Melanie Davis

here i am (busted on vid) talkin shit about a comment i deleted where a guy claimed that weed made people boring. WRONG-O SPAGHETTIO! i was going to expand but instead stoner laughed, then forgot my point, then shoveled a ton of thai food, then continued on to say that weed opens up my brain and dumps lots of garbage out and it’s great. i’m getting a lot of shit written for my book (showed my uncle the agency contract and he was all holy shit good on ya etc.) will get lawyer to mark it up and off we go then. um what was my point again oh right, productivity. weed. trying to come up with material through several hours’ worth of hangover was pretty tough. i admitted to the ryerson class that for the last two years i definitely put my dream on hold there (book writing) and it was my own fault. in drinking less i feel far more clear-headed and i don’t have suicide anxiety each morning (happens later on in the day) so that’s a sigh of relief. i think back on those times and it stuns me how terrifying it really was to live like that for a year and a half, every morning. anyway. WEED POLL!

viva la stoner your writing has evolved.
i liked booze blogging better.
i notice no change.
i recognize you are currently stoned and therefore, funnier. Thanks Raymi.
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ugh. the real reason some people, including myself, keep coming back is because it is interesting to see a single person’s life being reduced to a blog, and then reading that blog. i.e. if anyone at all were to blog every single mundane detail of their life, it would have the same kind of hook. When people, who are not necessarily huge fans, keep coming back, this is the reason – not necessarily because they are somehow in love with you! just putting it out there..

COOL ONE PROXY QUEEN! sorry guy, you try to cop my shit and it has NO hook. people criticize the shit out of me constantly and claim what i do is simple. fine yeah totally anyone could essentially do this too for sure. yes. but do they? no. therefore, that argument is rendered pointless. step up or shut up. i never claimed to be anything more or less than what i am so stop stockpiling shit i didn’t ask for on my head. wow i wish i could devote so much time to making contact with someone i allegedly despise. you’re creeps!

ew dude. where do you think you are?

awesome public washroom q-tip explosion just when i needed one. absolutely every single one flew into the sink.

patio doob decoy. no i do not smoke. blech.

yes, it’s true. banality and the great mundane is widely accessible to all. now go be somebody.

here‘s a photo set from the rest of thursday’s goings-on.

only the best for you baby.

23 thoughts on “Melanie Davis

  1. Ohhh i just noticed dave’s eyebrow piercing, it’s a sign for ME to get one, everything is secret messages written for me and only meeeeee!!! ahahaha crazy people.

    You are what i (not insultingly) call a “successful stoner.” no pot mess and all the fun!

  2. I love pot (helps with mental stuff, emotions and creativity)and I think you’re fab as a stoner or y’know whatever/however you want to be.

  3. I have lost a friends that are as we unsmokers say potheads.
    i love my pothead friends they are super funny as hell. But in reality like my buddy says weed opens up your mind and makes him feel light headed like he’s in another world. When in real life it closes you mind of course makes you feel light headed cause you can’t think for shit, and THUUU of course your in another world your super high. BUT WEED SUCKS IT REALLY DOES…’s cool if you dont agree everybody has there opinon.

  4. It’s cute, if I can use such a word, to get stoned and or drunk all the time and talk/write about it until age 25 at the oldest. After that, it’s just sort of….sad.

  5. ack looks like you spent a little time in the village of Douche? Did you make it up to the Doors pub? that’s the grimy little basement hole we hit up sometimes, conveniently near home and generous on the freebie shots…

    I’m a fan of weed and find sometimes I’m more creative using it. Unsuccessful “stoners” are just unsuccessful people who happen to get high, I’m not down with the idea that the pot makes them incapable.

    Steven, I have to disagree with you, booze sucks, it really does, destroys lives way more than weed and contributes to many fights and douchery at bars.

    We should totally get high and terrorize Piss Village, although I genuinely have a hard time dealing with the level of wankness that exists there.

  6. sara you sound like a lot of fun. take a joke pill maybe but yes it is cute, adorable even, if i can say such a word, that such a judgmental cunt even cares. have fun boring everyone around you at 25.

    guys it’s just weed not heroin. chill.

  7. Hello Raymi dear, I’ve not really checked in in awhile. Once again you evolve. A stoner chic blondie now eh?

    I’ve been wrapped up in a lot of 420 friendly projects myself lately.

  8. “people criticize the shit out of me constantly and claim what i do is simple”–nothing simple about it. Simply FAB, yes. Fuck ‘em.

  9. wheee. It’s really impossible to say a single thing that isn’t completely sucking your dick without being taken as being a hater. I am no hater, I just don’t think you’re the most best person there ever was! you do have some self-esteem problems if you can’t take any level of criticism whatsoever, I would have assumed that part of what makes having a life-blog interesting for YOU is to hear people’s opinions about you not just youreawesome youreawesome. ah well! good luck though raymi. you are fighting the good fight I know this.

  10. that’s fucking bullshit i don’t expect anyone to suck my dick 24/7. i DO expect manners though, and that isn’t a lot to ask for. consistently telling me like it is regarding my life, social standing, what i ingest etc is not blog interesting. would anyone take that in the real world? it is not interesting to me at all to be summarized by people who do not even fucking know me, have never met me, never will meet me and do not have the first clue about anything regarding my person. do you think i put my heart and soul on the line everyday here or something, my absolute core? i’m simply pointing out that i may be a little annoyed sometimes by boring repetitive criticisms daily. in the real world to know me is a fucking treat you can zing me all you want and i’ll happily zing back, so it’s even. whereas here it’s all one-sided bullshit. do i go on to other people’s blogs and tell them things about their psyches because i think they need to know what i think about them for the fact that i’ve been reading their blog for three years? no. you know why? it’s not my place and i have a life.

    it also sounds like you ARE in love with me.

  11. I hate morning after booze anxiety. I don’t think I’ve had a drink in two weeks. Wish I could become a stoner, but the fear of anxiety is keeping that plan off the table for now.

  12. Hi Raymi! First of all, I LOVE your blog. I’ve been checking it at least weekly I guess since 2005. At some point or another, I may have also read all your archives. I also wrote you maybe 2 or 3 e-mails in that time and you replied! And it was very exciting to me. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment before though so this is my firsty.

    Anyway, I have to say that in my personal experience, smoking weed never led to any problems. I lived in Amsterdam for two years and smoked a lot of weed and before that even I smoked lots and lots of weed too and it was G.R.E.A.T. On-paper-wise I accomplished lots of things during that time that my parents were very proud about.

    Drinking however, is another story. I had to stop drinking and I used a twelve step program to do that. I guess some people can drink a lot and it’s cool, but I didn’t really have any control over it, unfortunately, I couldn’t just take or leave it and stuff got ugly.

    So anyway, that is my comment, just about my own personal experience. Drugs, booze, sex, religion, all the meaty stuff, I think it’s very personal and there are a million different opinions but the only one that matters is your own!

  13. I don’t think your writing style has changed since you have come back to Stonerland, but you sure do look happy and at peace.

    And my 2 cents – booze makes you fat, weed does not, and the munchies is a choice. It’s not the weed’ fault. Sativa is the best anyway, more cerebral, less body stone.

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