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and happy birthday blog, nine years!

seriously shawn, what gang are you in? my bro gets mad props at our local blockbuster cos of that sean white guy. i wanna go with him to experience the local fame sometime. guy there with a ponytail totally raked dave and i over once (we were baked DUH) and 30 dollars later we had our movies what?


here’s the first post i ever wrote on this blog (CRINGE!) back in 2000.

Today was/is my dad’s birfday. We went all-out and had dinna’ at J.J.Muggs and saw’re The Grinch. I hate kids. durr.
They’re so annoying with their happiness and their chewing and, “Oh my GAWD! The guy kissed the Dog’s butt.”
Someday in the future, Raymi will birth a babygirl something. Maybe. We will see.
This is after she has her kicks, of course. After she smokes weed on the beaches of Thailand, writing freelance and mending broken toys for little chillen’……wait, raymi hates chillen. hrmmm…nah, Raymi just hates canadian/american chillen. They’re all spoiled rotten and fat and drooly.
K, tha’senuff. For now.
Got that bruisy, booze-eyed look, again. Not enuff ZzzzZZ’s.

I’s gunna try and go for Quality postings, here. Not Quantity.
I have the intent of greatness. Meh.



oh god. we’re both wearing napoleon dynamite boots too. i was a hipster before you were dan deacon!

i wrote my dad a really wicked limerick but i can’t use it cos his names all over it plus all the rhymes so….

hi saturday what’s up!

here or above is the intention and my vision when i went out to grab this from UO. too much blank area in the kitchen. dad says it’s gonna go in the music room. no way why hide it down there? you don’t even have practice there anymore.

15 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

  1. that’s not a gang sign! tell your brother i’ll teach him some real gangsta signs so that he can throw them in photos instead of the miley cyrus stuff he’s using

  2. i invite you to say that to his face. do you seriously think i thought that was a gang sign are you half a stupid? it’s a running joke guy.

  3. awww, the nostalgia! happy birf-day, Raymi blog, I’ve been infatuated with you since 2003. still goin’ strong. your niece is beautiful. tell her that!

  4. I love that gangster shot of the three of you. Keep smiling.
    I took Hailey to sit with santa today. The elves were in awe of her sweet face and beautiful eyes.
    I’ll send you the photos later.

  5. I like the picture with the blurred out car. And the one just below it looks like you’re wearing a diaper hiked up ahahahahah. I like it too. lol

  6. 70s parenting was outstanding. we were all brown-tan and running around in rainbow flip-flops. My dad wore Budweiser swim trunks and his beard was like a big brown cat wrapped around ‘is face. bon anniversaire!

  7. I actually think we would have the best party time ever in the world. Just ask Kyle McInnes about the time that I got drunk with him and Gavin and Vicki and we pretended we were midgets in an ad for autism (or UNICEF?) where you totes should have been present. I miss you even though I don’t know you? Oh right! Happy blog time birthday? This is weird. I don’t like commenting.

  8. Actually, I didn’t seriously think you thought that was a genuine gang sign, my humour was apparently lost on you. Why don’t you smoke some more weed and relax a little.

    I do doubt he would do anything if I said it to his face.

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