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when’s last call here, never?

i trust you with my life and i don’t even know you. classic. to be continued… i was also about to say woah good judge of chracter. hah.

no time for G-E-R!

festive! noel you would really appreciate this scene. like the good ole parkdale ghetto bar afternoon days. remember we went to jilly’s with craig after dangerous dans hahaha ugh. yes i know that’s not in parkdale but still, it was a classy day.

you can sit here.

i’ll take my hambur…sorry, my “bur” in cookie-form, thanks. ew-looking much?

waaaaaaay more interested in the other side of the room.

a serious chat along the lines of i don’t know you but i trust you that went on for ten minutes. then continued when they came back in after a dart then i blatantly was stared at like, guy standing against window with laser beams directed at me unblinking gross drunk oggling staring. i looked up from pretending to be interested in my hat and just shook my head NO at him like pedro’s cousin did from his sick ride at the school bully in napoleon dynamite. didn’t work though.

sexy gambling.

i got these ten per cent off for being a babe. i asked the kid if there were any deals going on, would these chucks be on sale anytime soon? no? oh what about your employee discount, how much is it? you don’t know? 10% right yeah? ok good give me that. done. try it, works every time. (mostly).

worth it.

when i left, my crackhead lady crush from across the room waved at me again and again then i made drug jokes all the way to the truck. I’M ITCHY! dave was like oh my god i love my life after that experience haha. aw. sigh. it felt very to serve and protect 90s style. FAVOURITE!

eh i bet secretly she loves you the fuck up. which also is scary, if not scarier. don’t let it get to your heart, basically. that sounded pretty gay. she seems to think she’s got some mystical impossible connection with you and i can kinda speak to that cause your writing style when i first started reading your blog was a lot like mine, lazy like mine, i figured being similar we’d be good friends. i probably left a few retarded comments over the years too, i can be a total prick. i think it’s kind of your effect on people, they relate and sometimes a LOT. you’re going into new territory with your life blogging, like. i think people are pumped when they find out you exist, that blogs like yours are possible and i think she means well, i think she’s ashamed of being crazy but still is, in actuality, a little bit crazy. i liked you like that for a bit but never said anything or sounded crazy so you could take it from me that it’s a harmless kind of feeling. then again she might have crossed many lines, i haven’t read what else she wrote but. i think people hating you to that extreme means you’re a celebrity, means you’re doing something right, and that it’s harmless because they apparently hate you but they keep coming back for more, yeah?

i think people like to have those crushes they’ll never have, it keeps them ambitious or like. distracted. keeps the crush at that stage where you don’t know better. it’s pretty cute to see hundreds of other people crushin on you cause it’s like, see she’s good. but yeah re: celebrity you might as well own up to it. have you ever thought about going to the states? canada’s like. awesome yeah but kinda bushleague in many aspects, they want their acorns without the oak trees. but yeah, you’re big in canada, say you are with a straight face and people won’t even doubt it. it kind of depends how much you want to be, like there’s an alcoholic friend who says you never have to bear responsibility for that which you have no control over but the secret is that you can have control over everything. i’m not even sure that you really 100% want to be that famous, i feel like it happened incidentally like how if someone starts bustin out somethin awesome on the djembe then people’ll just slowly gather around and when you look up they’re everywhere. people say “celebrity” in this tone like it’s a bad thing but what’s wrong with bustin out somethin awesome on the djembe or screen or internet or book or whatever. from reading interviews it seems even the household names never really know the exact moment when they become famous or a celebrity but i’m sure you’ve had a few good moments yeah? as your attorney i’d advise you to just play it like you’re famous. i feel like i could probably be a good conversation regarding that and i know i’m from ******* population ****** but the thing about that is that strangers know you and talk about the party you threw or who you made out with or your new car and everyone’s a really small-scale celebrity in a small town and it makes people leave sometimes, mainly totally disgraced sluts or homos who are frustrated with the gene pool, but. it can be annoying, you gotta live like people are listening but after awhile it’s just life, you grow around it and it gets to be all you know. told you i was bored at work, what else is there to talk about?

i’ll chat you about the ryerson talk later (i sweated profusely) plus USS‘ show last nite (so awesome so fun best time ever).

8 thoughts on “when’s last call here, never?

  1. Sounds like drunk oggler had a case of hungry like a wolf, ewwww… I freakin’ hate being stared at. Man, you’ve got moxie.

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