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hamiltime in the hamiltan

here i am navajo NAVAWHORE style.

can a youtube nerd tell me why this vid cuts out at 53 seconds?

a ton of shit goes down in this clip (below). shoulder mounting guitar playing, then human kebab climbs the stage scaffolding, then other guy takes down jonas brothers cardboard cutout.

i can’t even choose a favourite song, another comes on and you’re like oh that’s good, then the next, oh fuck that’s even better. and so on. i highly recommend you tail these guys on tour wherever they hit ‘cross the nayshe. ew abbrevs. anyway dave got better pics than me.

the crowd was too intense to battle up there all my snaps are from the bar and speaking of, rok bar seems like a venue very pleased with itself. feh. i like it but it needs to relax on the shit don’t stank vibe. YAWN. but then it grew on me and i told my critical mind to shut up. (though they need to not make the bartenders dress like schoolgirls wtf lame) i was happy. being in a non-toronto music crowd is fucking thrilling. and fun. people actually move around and interact. GO HAMILTOE!

8 thoughts on “hamiltime in the hamiltan

  1. haha ohh the Hammer. i spent the first 20 yrs of my life there and i guess it still feels like home. there seems to be something that i always miss about it….the stentch. and the rowdy locals…the stench of the rowdy locals…

    USS is teh titz. they stop in to play in saint catharines every once in a while which is greattt cuz we have a weak ass music scene here. mother mother is running thru next month. top reason not to hitch hick outta this place.

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