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bitch it’s on (yawn)

AGAIN kate. again trying to glom some attention off my back (too lazy to find the other post i previously blasted you in). hawhaha. i am NOT required reading for you and i will ALWAYS be all over the internet so just shut your eyes. or find more internet (there’s lots out there).

4. I was never satisfied with Toronto blogger Raymi the Minx (who, now unengaged to her man/co-documentarian Phil Ogynist, is all over the Globe and the internet). Like most of my friends, I am interested, in both sick and justifiable ways, in the photoblogged accounts of other women’s lives. We want to see outfits, boyfriends, interior-decorating decisions, parties, hair. And Raymi dished out all of that, all the time, for ages. But, my most significant peeve about blogging, Twitter. et al is the amount of undue bragging that goes on. “Look at my rad new kitchen!” I’m instructed, only to click on a shot of a very average, very normal, very unworthy-of-a-click kitchen, or cake, or bike, or whatever. Such is Raymi. For every sexy, intriguing photo, there’s one of an Ikea bedspread; for every weird and interesting night out, there’s dinner in the Annex. Maybe I’m missing the overall effect of the ongoing, studied documentation, but if I’m going to devote any time to downloading photos of someone else’s life, it needs to be more exciting than my own.

whenever in the fuck did i say i had a rad new kitchen? this isn’t my house. it’s called transition. sorry i can’t move into the Ritz for the sake of your bored obligatory interest in my life. who the fuck are you anyway? i didn’t even know about your vapid reference to me until one of your online publication’s competition (who looooooove you btw)(snicker) contacted me about it. you are just another blatantly un-self-aware no one writing about someone for someone else. (does that feel empty?) then you went classist. COOL STORY KATE. i’ll let you know when i next go to salvation army and east side mario’s. ps. maybe if you learned to make your life appear to be more exciting than it is you wouldn’t have to make wimpy cattiness attempts about other people’s lives (living spaces). why make my non-news, news? you make no fucking sense.

i could be blogging from a box and it’d be diamonds in fact i made a post once entitled: segliuwegeuwigub and the body simply said FART. it received over 50 comments. can you type fart and get high fives for it?

it’s funny to me that i am bigger in toronto upon having left it.

update: she wrote to me. i am less pissed off now but i am not removing this post.

25 thoughts on “bitch it’s on (yawn)

  1. ugh, what a bore she is. I can imagine EXACTLY what she is like…she would probably be more interested in your posts if you wasted all your money on pretentious overpriced yuppie furniture as shown in this month’s Toronto Life, because as we all know, that’s what makes a person interesting.

    P.S. contrary to what she says… I don’t fucking read women’s blogs to see hairstyles, boyfriends and interior decorating, I mean really? That’s interesting? In what way exactly? I’m offended to be spoken for as a woman by that idiot. Fuck, what a twat! Ok, I’ll pack the trucker mouth away for now.

    P.P.S. I’m in Hamilton and in many ways that’s even worse than Burlington… we should totally hang sometime, I got a totally divey little downstairs bar nearby that is so unpretentious as to be almost cool (‘cept it smells a little pissy sometimes.)

  2. Raymi, it’s retarded how much people NEED to hate on you. I don’t get it. You’re interesting, what you do is interesting… Is it just easier to listen to the little voices that say “she’s better than me?” and come up with something unnecessarily negative?

    Whatevs. I love your shit. I’m an IRL friend of Bunny over at Meltingdolls, so I’m probably predisposed to liking you, but I do. And I just wanted to tell you.

    Also I WISH I could be as obsessively devoted to documenting my every move the way you do, I just don’t have the time to put into it. I get emails a lot from people who are all “i want to start a blog but nothing interesting happens to me”, and I always say NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENS TO ANYONE. It’s all about keen, detail-oriented observation, sometimes of simple things, and the discipline to keep at it even when it seems silly. YOU WIN AT IT. YOU ARE THE WINNER.

  3. i dont come here for your hairstyles/decorating tips. and does this dumb bitch realize that giving you a “bad review” will actually make the traffic to your site go UP (cuz peeps are always ready to judge someones opinion of someone else!)?!

    i say fuck it. the more your name drops (in a good way or bad) the more press you get. and heeeeeey arent the weblog awards coming up?!

    keep talking shit, kate, its only helping raymi’s cause :D


    that’s a very interesting perspective on it and a good one if it’s possible
    just try and see it from my way maybe, when it’s constant
    you become desensitized, it plateaus, but every so often when the timing is wrong you decide fuck no
    – Hide quoted text –

    On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 4:38 PM, Kate Carraway

    Nope, just meant blogging, Twitter, et al in a general way.

    I don’t really look at it as swinging. I’m a giant fan of any and all women writing intensely about the details of their lives, for sure, and part of supporting that means commenting, criticizing, getting into it. Let dudes be jealous haters, you know?

    On 11/10/09 4:34 PM, “raymi lauren” wrote:

    urg well you see it reads very all about raymi how am i to know it’s specific to other people?

    anyway i’m really not a bad guy you just took the first swing so i lobbed one back, naturally. you went into sensitive territory is all.

    On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 4:28 PM, Kate Carraway

    Hey there,

    Just for the record: I wasn’t at all talking about your kitchen, or house, or whatever— that was reflective of a new, frequent observation of many friends and acquaintances posting a lot about the stuff of their life in a way that is intended to interest me and other readers, but isn’t in fact interesting. The kitchen/cake/bike shit is all specific, but all specifically about other people. It’s where I think it starts to break down: when it’s not deep and dark and gross or funny or silly or whatever, but banal.

    Best of luck with your new place.


  5. “many friends and acquaintances posting a lot about the stuff of their life in a way that is intended to interest me and other readers, but isn’t in fact interesting”

    If you rely on your friends and their beautiful kitchens to keep you interested, you must be one sorry muther fucker.

    “it needs to be more exciting than my own”

    Wow, she must be pretty bereft of activities to comment on yours.

    There is too much wrong with this biatch that I just can’t comment on it all w/o hijacking this comment thread.

  6. WTF shes obviously a shitty journalist if she states AT THE BEGINNING that “I was never satisfied with Toronto blogger Raymi the Minx” but yet when it comes to the ACTUAL SUBJECT its all about other people and how THEIR blogs suck (because apparently she wasnt picking apart YOUR blog specifically (uh yes she was))..

    so if THEIR blogs suck so much, why mention Raymi at the top of the list and then get defensive saying oh NO i didnt mean RAYMI sucks..

    WTF WTF WTF hey maybe the g&m is hiring?

  7. People seem to forget that this is a piece of your life you are sharing and that you are the whole of this blog. I have never understood why people feel the need to take you so seriously that they are compelled to actually write a piece somewhere and bag on you. Amazing. Where is humor and compassion in these people’s lives?

    I haven’t been around for a while…divorced, had to shut my blog down as he was using it as a weapon, but I want you to know I love you, you’re awesome and I have always enjoyed the pieces of your life you share.

    This all being said, it is great for the blog when when they talk schmack right?? :)

  8. So many people in life like to comment on things that nobody asked them to comment on. I will never understand the need.

    If you don’t like something move on to something else, unless you spent money on it and want your money back.

  9. she puts it best herself: “maybe I’m missing the overall effect of the…documentation” DUH no kidding…
    It’s like Amy says, it’s the discipline, the observation – of the Big Picture as well as the details – that’s what’s so hard to keep up over the long haul. Not that you need proof, but the Ryerson gig is great. Love the irony, a self-taught, self-made Raymi doing a university lecture. Nobody could make up anything better than that…XX

  10. Kate didn’t seem overly harsh to me here. She was clearly just expressing her opinion that your blog is not her cup of tea. She commented because you’re making headlines and her job is to comment on headlines. I see nothing wrong with that. You can’t please everyone.

    (As opposed to the Globe and Mail article, which was less about opinion and more about just not getting it)

  11. I don’t even know who that is buy why would she be needing to download your photos? That makes me think she doesn’t understand the internet or something.

  12. i am reading it alllll baked, as suggested, so i’m losing the train a bit but holy crap this kitchen is getting HOT!!

  13. The funniest part for me is the first line: “I was never satisfied with…”

    Who the fuck ever said that there was a promise of saisfaction? You’re not making Pepsi! You’re very explicit that you do this for you and you write what you want.

    If you weren’t read by anyone, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s the very fact that you’re popular that she’s got a problem with.

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