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i am the one hiding under your bed

contemplated way too many costume ideas. cher. victorian scullery maid. ninja. drunk christmas party slut. think i’ll stick with librarian/teacher. i shall carry an old book as a prop. dave‘s costume kills it, all my stuff obvs but i don’t have a beard so he takes it.

he’s left handed too though doesn’t play that way. not bringing out guitar so a flock of jocks can irritate me all nite long.

hangin’ with coug (mom) patrol tonite at a house party then to a pub? then maybe something with mara.

i know this song by heart, entire movie actually and it had (still is!) been a dream of mine to BE jack skellington in a play. i was scrooge once, i can pull off dude(s) pretty good. home alone as a kid/teen i’d recite the entire score of nightmare before christmas, speaking parts also and serenade the livingroom. COOL.

omg this is so much cooler!

ok marilyn now we can hang. getting ready song for the nite!

16 thoughts on “i am the one hiding under your bed

  1. totally awesome post-axe-murdering scene (?) in the log cabin, did the little kid with the axe by the fireplace do it all?

  2. That mask in the first pictures is beyond creeper status.

    Love the teacher costume. I did that a few Halloweens ago when I had to come up with something last minute. Just had to run to the grocery store for a wooden ruler and I was out the door.

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