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no one doesn’t like you

this dress is to be used in a video britt and i and others are going to be shooting next week starring this money-makin’ face. not supposed to reveal the dress whoops, it doesn’t exactly do up the back tho i am wearing an entire outfit beneath it so maybe we’re cool. i have a quarterback torso plus britt is six inches littler than me i am a whole other person on top of her.

i can be platinum by spring. haw.

gets donated, it sops up oil spills. who knew?

some other pics on my flickr.

rose you rule thanks for the sweet hair and the sweet afternoon (plus vino!) check her at brennen demelo. they’re movin’ on up they were at LG fashion week doin’ tricked out runway hairstyles. get in while you can.

11 thoughts on “no one doesn’t like you

  1. i love your light hair it looks great, i remember first reading your blog when you had the blonde do for a while but it quickly disappeared. i’m jealous of the hair-dying abilities not something i can do myself. i could be brown or brown.

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