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mark it 8 dude

now here i am, first roll of the game and i get a strike. all downhill from there. well actually i got a spare on my next go then i jumped in the air slipped on the super waxed floor and almost had a date with some smashed teeth. that’s caught on video too haha.

just like that eh. i am ever so delicate.

you are so right.

love this side bar diner set-up. i’m frontin’ here cos peeps be confused by the live raymi show. high chair is a nice touch.

not as bubblegum as had anticipated. next i’ll get a matte baby pink.

nails haven’t been this long in ages. how i’m fending off tearing them all out these days is beyond me but of course in saying this, today will be the day surely. who’s shirly?

it was league night so we had time to kill which was perfect as i wanted to take as many pictures as possible of this scene.

was wondering why so many people were pretending to give a shit about the big match. oh right, world series. who won?

in diagram 1 we have my signature knock-kneed post-roll stance, way graceful.

diagram two displays my THAT WAS BULLSHIT walk of shame face.


one more time there.

dave is a competitive m’f’er. he hasn’t even seen the big lebowski, went over the line too so i couldn’t rip on that one. just wait.

a healthy meal was inhaled.

ponytail was spying hard on our table.

no idea why though.

can’t wait to go lighter in the hair, are you excited too?

really love this print as i can relate to that woman. ha. her figure is pure inspiration.

i love when places get it right. not going back til past ten next time (or until the big lebowski is viewed) when it’s day-glow bowling and not teeming with leaguers.

17 thoughts on “mark it 8 dude

  1. I could live in that bowling alley. Oh and one doesn’t truly exist if they have never seen The Big Lebowski…dang. Nobody F’s with the Jesus :)

  2. Love that bowling alley! I want two of the red chairs for my apartment. Also try the onion rings next time – it makes their wine taste not quite as bad…..

  3. we have this radd place called bowlero here…its like amazing seventies like trapped in a time warp bowling alley….

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