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drowning or bathing

preferring blurred currently.

in case you didn’t know where you were (ships).

so last week or so ate at this little mediterranean joint tucked away in a little plaza somewhere and their shawarma is on par with agabi, also their garlic sauce. so pumped over this. anyway, the girl serving us was very into us, as customers, or persons, derno. there was also a huge table overtaken by a post funeral party it seemed, or church group i don’t know, anyway their vibe compared to ours was not in the party zone, not like ours was but it forced us into comedic relief territory. so anyway the point of this nothing story is our young waitress was all what are you guys up to after this? rightly assuming cool people do more cool things after doing cool things. so i says dunno not much gonna go get high probably then she says i’m so fucking jealous. interesting. interesting when your server drops an f-bomb on your table. good for her.

so we go back last nite for munchies and on the way in a joke is made about this flirtatious chick, something like hey after this do you guys want to get high? then i quipped, girl, we’re only here because we are high.

then we go in and they’re blasting 90s gino beats slash techno, seriously can we have some ecstasy next, straight up scene was what we walked into and as it turns out they’re open til 4am on weekends, weekdays midnite. then this weirdo full-out drunk comes in wearing a porkpie hat, ron jeremy lookin’ character complete with mustache and asks the bartender (different girl this time though looked suspiciously like the other one) if he can get her a drink, like, 5 times. the awkward emanating from over yonder was palpable so when she came over to collect our check and asked if we needed anything else i said yeah i was wondering if i could buy you a drink. she busted up laughing. the guy had been barhopping “downtown” and it was dead apparently.

i have an enormous chin witch zit that is fucking with my game large right now it almost warrants not going out for 24 hours. i might buy it a cellphone.

i am excited for the new bubblegum pink nail polish i purchased yesterday. um yes i just said that.

17 thoughts on “drowning or bathing

  1. MONTFORTS! Hands down the best place for post bar food.

    The later you go, they have drunk set up – everything is served in plastic dishes, and plastic cups rather than glass etc.

    Their falafel pita w/ garlic sauce has saved my ass more times than I can count!

  2. hahaha….you’re 100% talking about Montforts.
    Facts about Montforts:
    1. I was like, one of 2 brunettes in Oakville in the 80s and my friends were all convinced my parents owned the joint
    2. They would serve Julia beer when we were 15…not sure why only her
    4. Im partial to the red onion sauce.

  3. i am so not referring to montforts. agabi beats them hands down, as well as this newly discovered gem. though they’re not at all bad either, i’ve hung there my fair share too.

  4. no need to apologize, yer comment got stacked with little m’s is all. garlic sauce plus onions is makin’ me supes bloated right now.

  5. a montfort chicken sounds good right now.
    it certainly did sound like Montforts.
    There’s one at Yonge & Eg now?!

  6. Is it Adonis? If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s a must! Best Salads, Sauces, and Shawarma’s in O-Town!

  7. So i am going to tell you you are very funny. I know that it usually zaps the funny outta someone when someone says you are funny, but lately you are “fuckin with my game large” funny!

  8. Hey raymi just wanted to say your website is great i found it random from another blog so just saying your site is the best and u have a fan from texas

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