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turn the white snow red as strawberries

so dropped in on the local gas station last nite after some errands, saw they have a little atm thing for my bank so i ran in to grab some cash then decided to grab one of those starbucks tallboy vanilla drinks, that took me two seconds so i set it on the counter and waited. the merchant (this huge obvious bulldyke and yes it’s relevant, crucial to my story even, so shut up)(so isn’t haha) was having a conversation with some guy (customer) before i entered and continued to do so while i stood there waiting to pay for my drink. she knew i was standing there patiently, but still chatted away with her friend. i waited 2 minutes, no bitchy vibes, all casual ‘cept for the hand on hip i added that effect at the very end. merchant still in the doorway gabbin’ away one last chance nope still talkin’ yeah i have all nite to stand here cool. so i grab my money purse, tuck it under my arm and march toward her. she’s blocking the entire doorway so i kinda have to steamroll through, she moves and says oh excuse me, then realises her gaff (spies my drink on the lottery ticket counter) rushes out behind me and yells I’M SORRY ABOUT THAT! yeah sure, i’m sure you are. i just said something like yeah it’s ok or don’t worry about it as i walked away, got in the truck dave was on the phone unawares of this passive aggressive showdown i am about to win so i interrupt and say GO! and we go while she is standing out there looking like a real smart specimen. i did feel cunty but that’s the only way you can teach these people. you rude me, i rude you back. i didn’t want that drink anyway it was an impulse thing.

this woman recognizes us too cos we go there for stoner snacks at retarded hours, bags of chocolate and whatever. guess won’t be doing that anymore. sucks when you have to teach your friends a lesson. well actually she has never seen me before but she knows the truck so basically she was my friend but didn’t know it though we aren’t friends anymore because she BLEW IT. just kidding i already forgive her.

this storm out i highly recommend. i’ve seen it done before, had it done to me before during super busy saturdays with gobs of people all around the cash out, then it’s just funny on them for bailing after committing so long to the line-up. once you reach a certain point you have to stick it out for the long haul and purchase your goods but if it’s only a short while you can pull a jerry maguire flip out exit.

another day in the life of awesome.

11 thoughts on “turn the white snow red as strawberries

  1. The problem would be knowing when you’ve invested enough time to justifiably walk out or stay for the long haul.

    Impulse purchase is worth walking away from though!

  2. the longer they talk and ignore you and you wait it out, the stupider you are. if a merchant does that to you on the spot you should drop everything and leave and if you’re feeling extra cunty, follow it up with the manager but only if the employee has knowingly, purposely been rude to you. sometimes retail people are actually just clueless though so it depends on the person and the situation. typically i try to have as much patience as possible, lately at least, i’ve mellowed and try to see the humour in it, or the content.

  3. Awesome.
    I’m so glad I can’t remember what I do when I’m in my corner store at 6 in the morning. I would probably be far too embarrassed to ever go in again.

  4. That’s happened to me but I was too chicken to do anything, say anything. I guess it’s the conflict that is scary, but so easy to imagine just walking away.

  5. I have had about 5 gas station altrications in my life. All of which resulted in a lot of yelling. The last was on boxing day 2008. There was some old bugger who was mad because I didn’t close the passenger side door fast enough to allow him to get out. He muttered ‘bitch’ under his breath and then pushed my door with his. I followed him into the gas station and purchased a pack of gum just so I could stare him down, then proceeded to say ‘merry xmess to you too you bag of dicks’. True story. I dig the way you handled :)

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