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my insane laugh

this is what a lightbulb going off in someone’s head sounds like coming out of said person. feel free to watch this over and over again.

it occurs to me that people viewing my blog via blackberry/iphone whathaveyou, may not be able to see my videos if they aren’t flash enabled snore snore zzz so from here on in i shall accompany each embedded video with its hyperlinked url starting now. i bid you adieu.

13 thoughts on “my insane laugh

  1. Are you drinking Jungle Juice? That looks like the concoction my friend and I make when we wander the wilderness!

    1 part Lemonade
    1 part M80 Energy Drink
    1 part Mango Vodka


  2. jungle juice is actually a medley concoct. of any and every kind liquor there is, desperation punch. this is rickard’s white (2 bottles of) plus some glugs of tropicana. refreshing!

  3. I wish you lived closer, you’d be MUCH fun to party down with. I’d end up passed out on a lawn chair somewhere in the woods by the end of the night but it would be worth it!

  4. I have noticed your hesitance to approve my comments. You will of course pay for this when I go to Pravda tomorrow night. I think you know what I’m saying, Fitszraymi.

  5. So I leafed through the vids and the RTM song is deadly. Is that Jack Black singing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it should be. Awesome.

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