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SAKE BOMB: a how to

booze lesson number two for the week.

your ingredients. now you’d probably prefer a squat tumbler for the beer and the typical sake shot glass also squat, not this fancy hybrid modern designed whatever but you also probably don’t want to tell your server what your intentions are, or you do, whatever. i didn’t haha. so i went with what was given.

this is basically Jägerbomb style. easy.

tonsa head from the sake glass drop. further way down to go due to design.

wait for it to settle or just give’r.

i say give’r.

the shot glass blocked the rest of the beer i had to dig it out to get at it all otherwise you bet that’d all go down in one chug. my verdict on sake bombs: pleasing, subtle and get you cranked. sake drunk is a goofy care-free drunk. perfect.


k bye it’s miserable out today, totally mood suitable. errg.

16 thoughts on “SAKE BOMB: a how to

  1. I’ve seen video of one of my friends putting the shot glass onto chop sticks that are situated spread apart across the rim of the glass containing the beer. Then they beat on the table close-fisted with both hands until the shot glass falls into the beer and it’s bottoms up!

    I was looking at your configuration and thinking that this was an impossibility though b/c your shot glass was kind of elongated and their wasn’t enough beer to cushion it’s fall. I know… I know… and you carry around chopsticks just for this occasion:)

    It actually looked really fun

  2. A sake drunk IS a carefree goofy drunk. Some friends had an orientral food dinner party one night and we got loaded on sake. Hilarity ensued.

  3. that looks good I’ll have to try that, like tonight! Also, the amount of avocado in the sushi roll is perfect. Some places don’t get it right.

  4. why do you have to post this, I just moved from Vancouver to Kitchener (wtf) and the only sushi is in the gas station cooler across the street

  5. i totally agree with you Raymi (previous blog post) your hair colour is AMAZING, black is no good it does wash your face out (not you but people in general) i myself dyed it much lighter after having very dark brown hair for years.

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