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speakeasy to me sleazy steezy to me

back in june went to rethink rhomp, it got shitty. shitty as in gunned. never got around to blogging it all, but here are some highlights. loved the little booklets, each contained drink tickets.

it took place in the burroughes building (check out that site wow!) perfect secret old-timey elevator whisks you up to the top floor. speakeasy themed in case you were a simpleton. come on now, follow along with the rest of us.

your hero, the idiot, did not eat one of these things.

sigh not a one.

boobies cupcakes for rethink breast cancer. omg i just remembered the gift bags. best gift bags since the one of a kind show IMO.

drive-by blurry but half the price of the feather head piece i bought earlier that day from champagne and cupcakes which i think i like better, more taste plus headband not clip on. trying to justify ridic price in my head as steph would say PERSONAL TREAT. there done. justified.

hogged the roulette table for quite a while. won a bunch of stupid pink iguana beanie things. did not win a blackberry.

look i’m a ghost and olivia chow came to hang just kidding just kidding. wow black hair eh never goin’ back to that it just zaps the colour entirely from your face and ages you.

alright so this is the reason why i’m posting these relics. i learned a new way to enjoy slamming vodka shots.

it is not a requirement to do so on a bar made of ice but you know if you wanted to wait for one to come your way, your call. i think the ice has something to do with the theme of the shot process, swiss maybe? why do i feel like it’s czech?

cup cost 5 bucks for charity. we all lost ours by the end and the bartender was a bitch about filling them up cos it wasn’t classy uh what? why are you selling them then? the issue was pouring shots unmixed into them, ha fine then can you put a sprinkle of soda water in there? i think that girl was on to something cos i was annihilated beyond belief and so was britt.

ready to learn something?

first you huff on some rye bread, breathe it in deeply through that humongous nasal passage of yours.

do a shot of iceberg (it was free) though a higher-end vodka would serve you better, naturally. (check out my cute nail flower stickers i am a four year old)

jesus are you sure i’m doing this right? i like how i got the young bartender guy to document all of this, he was all sure whatever, trying to act un-big deal about it but i could tell he was feeling it. lots.

then you chase it with a pickle. the essence of the rye you snuffed comes flooding back, then you eat the rye. maybe you eat it before i forget i was waaaaaaaaasted.

then the munchies hit you hard and you find the biggest piece of shrimp ever.

then britt dumps her entire drink on you.

thank you. my purse reeked for a week after this, we had a pile of junk on the floor while dancing, britt’s feather thing got doused in booze, i threw it in my purse for her. my stomach is churning right now recalling the scent.

pretty much.

up to the roof rain for air.

just in time for winter gamble cabin fever nice.

time to shower, bye chickens.

no wait watch this sass sent me it, so good!

11 thoughts on “speakeasy to me sleazy steezy to me

  1. You know Raymi, I read your blog from time to time and I gotta say, You are funny and quite sexy. P.S. I was trying to find your flickr page but wasn’t sure which one so i couldn’t add u. Maybe you could help!

  2. So, I guess this would be my first or second comment here? Looks like a really nice outing.
    You are serious eye candy and I would not have minded at all having you on my sleeve that night.

    ….and if that’s all it was to that shot I think I would gladly try it. Sounds like two or three of those and one is good to go!

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