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flickr just did something way not cool. they made it so you can’t just right click a photo for properties to get the html tag, you have to click all sizes to get the one they placed at the bottom for stupid people. this adds an extra hour to my blogging experience now. THANKS GUYS WAY TO WRECK A GOOD THING. i am so pissed.

belt and i are going places.

this is why i’m getting fat can you tell what it is?

chef boyardee + huge chunk of old cheddar piled on top. relax i didn’t eat it all to myself. should have taken photos of dinner round two, it was leagues classier and delicious.

fruit fly balsamic trap experiment. britt and alicia have these in their kitchen as well (garbage strike) i tried one with an olive oil/balsamic blend cos i spied some dead fruit flies attached to the olive oil bottle. stick with the balsamic, fruit flies aren’t fancy enough for olive oil, nor care for it. jab some holes in the saran wrap, they go in and get trapped then you laugh at them.

oh june. sass put some photos up on fb from partying at tyler stewart‘s mansion. that was a magical day.

caption contest?

i will never tire of this one.

hey there.

this is how i help people with their chores: stand around talk as much shit as possible then wander off.

think i’m going to complain to flickr this extra step is really grating me.

hats under hoods kill me, so funny. see you at daycare dewds.

big knuckles are hot on a chick.

this is what a reunion looks like.

as for me currently i have a zit on the bottom of my jaw/neck area that will occupy me for the next thirty minutes. don’t be jealous all at once now.

25 thoughts on “EXTR-EMO!

  1. do u guys have Fatburger out there?? As far as i know theres only like 4 in western canada (one in deadmonton is where i go, obvs)

    best. burgers. ever. i dont eat fast food really and if i do, Fatburger is where its at.

  2. The flickr change is retarded. I stared at the right-click menu for a good three minutes in search of the Copy Image Location option. I plan to repay their d-baggery by creating a new (free) account whenever an old one hits the 200 limit instead of upgrading.

  3. no fat burger here. but thanks for the deadmonton term i shall tuck it away for when needed.

    dave i joined the flickr ideas discussion group and posted, apparently flickr heads troll that thread.

  4. aww about the fatburger :( i think Lick’s comes close to the same type of place…

    and you’re welcome for the local slang; i heard a good one yesterday; someone commenting that Vancouver (or bc in general) is the “Ontario of the West” HAHA best part was the guy saying it was a newfie HAHA. nice to see them get a burn in every once in awhile, you know?

  5. JOdie Jodie Jodie….it´s D´Edmonton, not Deadmonton. well, i guess whatever i´m more partial to the Frenchisizing… There was a patient at the hospital i work at with the last name D´Eath. cool.

  6. peking are you from alberta? out here we dont use apostrophes for nothin hahaha its all phonetics, man

    actually the town i live outside of, Beaumont, is so french they have bienvenue before welcome on the interac pinpad, arret/stop signs and all street signs are in french and almost every other sign is bilingual with french first. did i mention this is in the middle of alberta?!

    not that i mind the french but the overkill of it all makes it ridiculous

  7. oh yeah, and the acreage i rent is owned by Leblancs (go figure!) who just happen to be some of the original settlers of the town; back when it was just a nunnery and a church and a reform school haha hickstown population: YOU

  8. what are you eating there what are you reuniting with????


    this is how i help people with their chores: stand around talk as much shit as possible then wander off.


  9. i had the same problem with fruit flies and left vinegar out for a week until i found the better way to go is a mixed drink. i left the bottom of a vodka and cranberry out one night and there were like 10 dead ones in there the next day. that, and hairspray, and chasing them around clapping them to death.

  10. hahaha….born and raised in edmonton. know beaumont well (although might not be able to spell it). i just refuse to spell it the way the hipsters too. AND i´ve seen a hipster walking round Whyte with that tattoo´d on him. so lame. i like the 780 tat better a la nik kozub from shout out out out out.

  11. Oh god Jodie I live in Beaumont. All the LeBlancs and Goudreaus in the graveyard. Oh the french. I have many a story of them from high school. Not to sweep them all into the french-don’t-give-a-shit-about-anyone-asshole catergory, but they were pretty much all dancers who adored themselves and when you would try to smile at them in the halls they would look down their nose at you and swish their size 2 asses away in their abercrombie and bitch outfits. Beautifulpeople

  12. and I 2nd alecia. I love when you (raymi) make jokes about your nose. I personally could parachute out of a plane with my nostrils when they are all a’flare. Jay-z ain’t got shit on me.

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