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hippie neighbours: suburban style

and it’s for sale too! want me to put in an offer for you?

belt score.

keepin’ it real in hamiltan (that’s hamilton with an accent) also known as hamiltime and so on. cool story to the planet there, steel fires. nice to look at though. it’s like christmas.

kept it real at kelsey’s too! i should make one post dedicated to the garbage i’ve been shoveling up my nose the last month. holding off on the applebee’s experience cos i’m still sensitive (barfy-wise) to it.

that was dave’s.

whereas i went for a healthier non-carb fare. pfft. had a bit of a back ‘n forth with the waitress, how much lemon am i to expect on these (lemon/black pepper) wings? not much she says. should i go for sea salt and pepper instead? no? NO lemon was detected is the moral of this shit story. then i proposed a chain of restaurants not unlike a kelsey’s, boston pizza, etc etc that exercises portion control. same crap food, just in smaller amounts for those who cannot stop themselves yet for some reason feel compelled to hit up such establishments. kind of a head fuck on the consumer but i think it’d take off, plus everything would be slightly cheaper. oh look ronald it’s a RAYMI’S we’re eating healthy tonite!

yum dessert.

one of ten billion pictures of dave crouching.

coming up, a video in the toy department of zellers. the zany times just don’t end! dave dropped a toy panda on my head from the top shelf, a corner cuffed me. it’s ok i was buzzed so it didn’t hurt too much. he didn’t know it hit me cos the fucking thing activated and started crying once it hit the floor hahahha. bought this game called link-o, a puzzle and uno. racking up the board games that’s how you do in the suburbs when you don’t have cable tv and it’s cold and have seen every dvd ever.

10 thoughts on “hippie neighbours: suburban style

  1. hmm… i actually kinda like the van. Sequence is a good game.. combines card game AND board game, is easy to play yet requires strategy… perfect all around!

  2. omg omg omg. that thing is awesome! i just got into the new kidrobot key chain alphabet collection.

    so far i only have 1, but i want the other 29. especially the watermelon one.

    oh yeeeeaaaaah

  3. ah ha! those jeans! with a belt! those jeans – being the ones we have the same pair of – i was actually wearing today and having not worn them in ages was cursing the choice because though i love em i’d forgotten how they’d lost all the ‘lastickyness in the waist superfast after getting bought and it was pissing me off all day and i had to keep pulling them up, all very annoying, so you know you know what i was wishing i’d also worn right? a belt. that’s right, a belt! and then i come over here and there you are in those exact same jeans and showing off your newly scored belt. a-ma-zing. cosmic internet plane of organized reality chaos or what? this comment has way too much energy for me and i can’t see straight. i am going to sleep now. i think. xo

    and those viney mask guys creeped me right the fuck out.

  4. okay, seriously: i. desire. the van- howmuchhowmuchhowmuch? do they have a price already? your ex-hippie/deadhead freakshow needs a van to cart lots of shit around -let me know the price if you can find out, if you’re bored or whatever. lovesu

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