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lonely star you don’t know who you are

orillia-bound. work job in exchange for cottage weekend at some point.

the weekend for fall colour change, man, white people and fall it’s like shut up already.

shuffle it.

road meal. first fast food for me in years. i have to stop eating like this. last nite i had the nausea bad, thank you applebee’s (also a first time) i won’t be seeing you again.

take me with you! these so aren’t even in order so i’m giving up right now.

one of these days i want to just be wowed to all fuck by non-rustic cottage-appropriate whimsy accoutrement. just once. once is all. (not that i don’t like this stuff but you know get ready for a show…)

split ends, hair appointment week!

lookit me all fittin’ in there and whatnot.

A-hole. got the hang of it pretty quick unlike me and euchre and retaining information post pot. also, that game is hella-boring didn’t know we were playing with nana. take your tricks and get out of here please.

were going to hit up bass pro on the way back but hit up applebee’s instead then it was too late. i want to get the most insane winter gear ever.

check my amazing a-hole hand. of course once i’m winning they decide to switch games. another genius (not) type was playing too oh man, suffice it to say i felt extremely intelligent this weekend. like more than usual.

i was very impressed by my lining up of the faux wood grain skills. you know when you’re talking to someone and they get super interested in lining up wood grain to the table, typically that means you should shut up.

ate so much garbage. not unusual. that five chili sauce is super good, meant for tacos.

next day lunch. nice napkin? sorry i missed that party hawha. copious snark factor in this post, period begins RIGHT NOW. my nail polish, power was out due to electrical work. mayje internet withdrawal was checking up via blackberry, so overwhelming receiving a flood of messages and takes so long to reply to just one. may as well just save it ’til monday.

forced monopoly on ‘em. game was not finished.

tons of these guys.

wake n bake break.

i had not had panama jack’s before it’s like bailey’s weaker creamier cousin.

burnt my hand on this guy. i have three little burn marks on my right hand from separate SMRT occasions now.

so this is what the scene looks like. showing up in the dark and just walking out to the water, not knowing where it begins and the land ends. good move.


the cottage proprietors raked up all the leaves by the end of the weekend. i kept pointing out how next weekend the property would be covered all over again. they didn’t appreciate that very much. only a small little dose of JUST SAYIN’ guys.


party time.

i do not ever want to see a bichon frise ever fucking again. no offense but yeah, we’re on a permanent break now.

what’s up freaks.


hey look a nook, a cranny, PUT SOMETHING ON IT ASAP.

i’m thirsty.


sage is comin’ for me.

tried maneuvering down that thing in the nite, ’twas a no-go operation.

and what if my photo is hot and i am too? do i get arrested by the good looking police for speeding in an ugly zone? my cheeky standards are exceptionally high, nice try napkin.

don’t give a fuck’s in town all week.

took me awhile to figure out what this thing was, frog, got it. was taken by a drive-by french person, all limbs removed. aw hawhawh haw haw (french laughing). ps EW.

nice fleece pants, v warm. i want a one-piecer do they exist? that’s it straight to bass pro online right after this.

oh look it’s a cool story.

keeping it 90’s. if possible.

c’est possible.

fiftieth photo of this view. haha i feel sorry for you skimming this thing then the captions speed bump you, forcing a stop-scroll. i will just say this once, the part down the way there to the left you could see leaves floating on the water and it very much reminded me of that scene in the notebook with the white birds gosling takes her to that special place oh. man.

i think i just said something bitchy here and am in the facial process of feeling sheepish about it. evidence of a conscience.

wiley you’re in the way dewd.


nook winner. i feel like the guy who made up the word nook is a total total dweeb.

emo face.

serious face.

just kidding face.

shut up!

checking in. sorry for not replying and just approving. i appreciate the exchanges. interaction.

burn out.

getting into the notebook mode.

get ready.

so forlorn so many feelings it’s so much.

the wind machine was a nice touch.

running out of captions.

work work zzz.

you can stay.

what do you want?

keepin’ an eye on those dicks over there are you? well good.


no no don’t get up on my account i’m fine over here.

me and may 2009 cosmo, nice to see trends that never took off.

went ATVing the next day.

look what i didn’t do!

i was painting my beautiful face in the dark.

and hearing long-winded renovation stories that i cannot relate to or care about.

coleman time.

bake break too chilly so tailgated’er instead. turn off lamp.

it just never ends.

round two tomorrow time to unpack XOXO.

29 thoughts on “lonely star you don’t know who you are

  1. Did you sleep in that tiny little red trailer? It has stolen my heart away.

    I have a bunch more leaf tree orange and red photos to post too I will never tire of the Ontario fall scene.

  2. hahahaha the notebook mode.

    dude i cant believe you’re even asking if there’s such a thing as one piece fleece???

    if you go to bass pro pick us up a jerky gun?

  3. Raymi I am curious about a-hole in Ontario. Do you guys play “continuous” or “single round/trick” style? Also, do you play with jokers? Quad-deuces is pretty massive, though. Have you ever noticed people in the higher positions to begin with in that game get dealt better cards, even before the trades? Do you do the trades?


  4. Semi-off-topic: hey has that MTV thing aired yet? wondering if i missed it..

    On-topic: droool to the beautiful fall shots. sometimes nature is too beautiful to even comprehend (i may or not be high right now..). why do people even bother raking? i mean if no one bothered, what would really change?

    the mysteries of life.

  5. Enjoyed those pictures and love that little trailer thing. You said work up there, were you working up there?

    Raking. Love it, myself. Yes it’s good for anger I find! But I do it mostly for compost (chop em up first).

    Have you painted any more on mr. bird?

  6. mr.bird’s belt is still naked. no i didn’t work i just loafted and kept the radio playing (my mouth) i was in charge of spirit.

  7. I am willing you the Catskills cottage. You can fill up all the rock walls with fishing lures and hello kitties until your head explodes. Just remember to rake so the yard isn’t a compost heap once the snow melts.

    Sorry about the mortgage on that one. And Dave will need to fix the landscape lighting. It’s blinking right now like an all-night diner.

  8. “keepin’ an eye on those dicks over there are you? well good.”

    made me laugh too. good one.

    also, do not get the raking either. seems to be a waste of time…and I kind of like the leaves everywhere…it’s Fall!

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