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no no, not this guy.


ten years in my leg what a little wimp hey? in four hours when flickr allows me to upload another photo of it get ready to be amazed. (that is a teeny tiny match ps. so according to scale i haven’t the first clue what to tell you maybe i should call a model train store?)

pulling that thing out was a serious high it came out all in one piece thankfully after fifteen LONG minutes of plucking and digging at it, prying and clearing the skin around the area then my phone starts ringing or something and by that time i was so fed up with trying so hard to get it out i just yanked the fucker out all in one go and it was like cumming (sorry parents, your fault not mine that you read this thing) i dunno, it was great. GREAT GREAT. feeling a foreign object depart your body is a relief you should probably shove some wood in your thigh too just to experience the thrill.

oh and i have to start practicing aussie i have to blog like i’m in australia (not on here, elsewhere on the netz) so any tips would be muchly appreciated.

17 thoughts on “SPLINTER!

  1. i had part of a hampster tooth stuck under my fingernail for like 6 months back in high school…it was amazing to finally get it out.

    i also hate hampsters.

  2. hmmmm weird? na not the right description. tap into every one’s psyche on this machine of infinite interconnectedness more likely. cosmic

  3. Blog like you’re an australian? Well, it depends on A) How believeable you want to be, and B) How “Australian” you want to be.

    Are you wanting to sound like a steve-irwin-bogan-type australian (comical, basically no aussies speak like that) or what?

    The average australian, at least the people I know, do not use even 10% of the ‘slang’ on the above mentioned website, but if you are wanting to sound like steve irwin then it’s a good list to take words from.

    And I don’t know one australian that says “G’day mate”, but then again, I don’t surround myself with badly educated bogans either.

    I cringe at the thought that the most recognised australians are the irwin family, dame edna, kenny the toilet guy and crocodile dundee. It makes me ashamed to be an australian.

    (Bogan = White trash/redneck = Chav)

    Will stop rant now.

  4. Forgot to mention, instead of saying “thank you” or “thanks” say “cheers” thats very australian.

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