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vote for my girlz!

mama’s so proud (and old) l’il sass is gunnin’ for a MuchMusic VJ gig so lets help her take it! SHE NEEDS AS MANY 5 STAR VOTES AS POSSIBLE AND YOU CAN KEEP VOTING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AS LONG AS YOU REFRESH SO DO EEET PLEASE. this benefits us all. she gives good camera, she says too much (good tv) and never minces words, totally good fit for Muchmusic also when not soused is probably the most well-spoken person i know. fuck it, soused even, blows my mind.

her audition video is up on that long-ass yelling at you link too but you can watch it here right now, it’s boss.

don’t forget to vote for joey/sass/summer wheatly! multiple times, 5 star HOT 5 star COOL – DON’T BE A DICK!

12 thoughts on “vote for my girlz!

  1. I wanna to fank you a lot veli much. bcos of your everlasting love is so great it make me wanna to smile all day and even afternoon and also evening unda tha moon. it is good. life is happy!

    Wish Happy Sunshine Pretty Angle 4eva!!! **********

  2. the doritos eating was pretty awesome.

    might also want to suggest people vote one star for everyone else if they have the time. it seems like there are such low ratings for so many, that must be what others are doing.

    i watched two other videos i think and both girls seemed insane

  3. I voted a bunch of times. Left a comment, too. But I don’t know if it posted.
    It was in response to the person who thought that the Dorito thing was genius. Although it was very good, the genius part was right at the end. Sure, go ahead and vote for the others…….. “Just one time.” Or something like that, capped off with the great Conspiracy wink!

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