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flexrx studio


finding a photo online of these oldschool bullshit jiggle machines is impossible especially when you don’t know what they’re called. vibra-whatsy? anyway this painting has been owed to princess radmad for months now. girl has a fitness studio and she’s going to hang this baby in it, she has one of those modern power plate jams (super expensive) too and media has been jockin’ her hard lately, check the flexrx blog for all that ish. once i paint this thing i’ma hit up her spot on the danforth for a workout demo and show you all about it too. she’s getting clients up the yin yang, this thing is super hot right now all the fitness geeks are mad for it. for an hour it’s 25 bucks (cheap) and i hear she gives you a happy ending jiggle too haha nice.

skidly is thinking of goin’ bang central. should she?

7 thoughts on “flexrx studio

  1. das right… i’m livin’ the dream with a monster size vibration machine!

    thanks so much for pimping me out girl!

    can’t wait to see have your masterpiece adorn my wall xoxo

  2. Had to laugh about the “jiggly machine”, first time I saw one was in a mag found in the bottom of my stepdad’s sock drawer. The participants looked to be enjoying it…

  3. There are many types of bangs that suit many different face shapes. Go for it, for sure! Bangs instantly make your hair look and feel more fun.

  4. Funny thing! I was single for awhile and my best friend got me one of those jiggle machines. He put a bow on it and a card that said “jeffy’s new girl” and yes I still have it.

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