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headed north

feelin’ scowly? why yes, yes i am.

weather was good off and on this weekend.

long car rides get boring.

this thing is so obviously a wig wonder how people we passed felt about it.

this post is just all of the drive up haha tricked ya.


how many are sentimental over these blasted out rocks? everyone? thank you.

if you need me i’ll be sighing til i faint.

hair braid in prep for opening the windows.

look my ear zzz.

the next post will suck less. promise.

finally some action!

why am i the only one who cares about fireworks and enhancing everyone’s overall experience? hello i’m talking here why did you just drive past that place why didn’t you stop omg i know you can hear me!

great for a visit. i have no idea how you deal all year round i really don’t. felt like a fucking celebrity walking in to the IGA.


phoning it in, guys.

5 thoughts on “headed north

  1. Have read the blog since 01? 02? First comment…love the wig…create a alter ego out of it. It may be something special. Good special…you kow what I mean. P.s. kind of drunk. yes, kind of.

  2. i need a wig like that for a costume- where can a get my hands on one. i always seem to try on really crappy ones with scary bangs

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