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to the exbian


just a few tardos to start this thing off. gotta hit the road pretty soon. haha cat show.

no one informed me it was their intention to hit ribfest. thanks guys now i have fatty ribs and this disgusting thing in me.

the wind and ominous clouds were freaking me out a little in the beer garden but the rain held off pretty good so once we were adequately lubricated we hit the rides.

along the way two girls stopped leslie and i and asked if we’d bought any tickets yet i was all duh doye um well we’re planning on it, not getting that they were going to give us their all day ride wristbands. solid!

the only ride we got the boys on and they pointed out the hydraulics and mechanics of it the entire time here shut up drink this flask.

we also went on that mars spinning thing. bad idea i almost barfed. the kid stopped the ride sooner on account of me turning green (we think) i covered my face the whole way through and shut my eyes.

look i’m the first one off this thing!

when the wall slides up from the centrifugal force all of my hair slid into the side panel too and that freaked me out. when i was a teenager i loved this ride cos you can lay in these inappropriate poses and stick like that the whole time in the hopes the dude in the middle notices. teenage chicks are such sluts man!

i won leslie a big prize and by won i mean matt paid for all of our rounds and between the two of us i got it done. the announcer guy was awesome, totally baked.

this video pretty much sums up fil and i’s entire existence together:

this one too. i know he’s taking a video, well at first i don’t but then i do and then i pretend (terribly) not to know and then i ruin it at the end as usual ha.

more highlights next time byeeeeeeeee friends!


11 thoughts on “to the exbian

  1. I went on that ride you didn’t like once… I threw up in it. Luckily the ride was ending so I was able to puke on the ground. The announcer guy was kind enough to point it out to everybody.

  2. never been to the X like ever
    yer hair looks a-w-e-s-o-m-e so jeal i look like a banshee most of the time i dont have any money canadian anyway i converted $1300 into swedish kroner and forgot i might want to do something before my trip to sweden ughh

  3. I have only done the occasional thrill ride. Never got sick. I am ready for SPACE man, so what happened?!
    You lured me here from FaceBook. That is why I say that I call FaceBook, “The Chronicles of People Having More Fun Than You.” Although lately a bunch of karaoke-and-boardgame fanatics are taking pity on me and letting me tag along…

  4. In physics class I calculated that in a frictionless setting, if you make the roller-coaster begin 25% higher than the height of the circular loop, it will go all the way around no trouble, and without going off the rails. Of course WITH friction you calculate it and make it higher…

  5. I am shocked that you put catsup on a corn dog. Is that a Canadian habit or couldn’t you find the mustard?

    capt obvs

  6. oh my god I HATE HATE HATE that ride, used to be called Gravitron, I think it still is at some fall fairs, I swear I don’t stick to the wall properly and the last time I went on that thing I spent the whole ride tense and trying not to slide down to my death.
    Cat show, HA… Now I think I need to hit the EX just to get photos of the cat freaks, hoping there will be lots of ladies with bad blonde hair and vests and t-shirts with cats in cowboy hats/boots on them and that sort of thing…

  7. what’s catsup?
    i thought it was a ref to the cat show. whaaaa

    I went to the Super Ex last wkd (we call it that in Ottawa) and went on that Starship ride for the first time in my life, spinning my brains out.

    I guess I was a cool kid when I was young…. like too cool to go to some fair and get on the rides that only took like 5 minutes to assemble. woop

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