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you spin me right ’round baby right ’round

took us a few to get the wheel spinning, it was jammed or they are weaklings and i wasn’t any help as i was filming it but once it got going oh man, it goes.

after this ride my eyes were twitching in my head and i couldn’t make them stop, just had to give it time. the feeling you get in your stomach gives you the giggles. fun day. there’s no way fil could handle it, the barrel ride, he doesn’t do spinny. he went on the swan boat ride with sass though haha zoooooom zzzz and sass put up some niece hang time pics up on her blog. here too. i took the day off yesterday, killer week so zonked. i’ll get some goodies up once the coffee hits.

(yes i wore that dress two days in a row)

10 thoughts on “you spin me right ’round baby right ’round

  1. I had a dream about you last night. You looked fabulous. And here you are today, looking…fabulous! And what a pretty niece!

  2. Oh yea I guess Krista and Hailey sort of have the same colouring. Question is do you look like the Hailey she wants to look like at your age? dun dun dun

  3. Ah too many I suppose it’s just mind blowing, the only person that looks like me is my brother and that isn’t awesome. hahaaa aw.

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