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if she weren’t writing in blood

lazy ass here. here’s two amazing vintage stores, one of which i forget the name of on markham in the mirvish village, just south of bloor, you know the spot. there’s 6 all in a row on the west side. i’m hoping going through photos of clothes will temporarily curb the desire to attain more stuff i will never wear. i’ve at least ten dresses hanging up in my closet right now (likely more) that never make it out, have never made it out. i really need to tone it down.

first up is the most southern store on the block, closest to the victory. i had the card laying around here for the longest time too and can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place. any help?

they’ve got everything, and lots of dude stuff too.

i tried to take my mom and niece here and my mom totally balked at the idea of vintage. ok so you’ll kill time in a shitty salvation army yet won’t bother to browse a boutique that makes a point of carrying the nicest things, cleans and fixes them?

wish you bought it now fil? i kinda do. it’s basically fall now anyway. i find it hard to buy warm clothing in the summer, i’m in total denial when summer shopping and that’s so dumb cos that’s when you come across all the best jackets for half the price.

vintage spot two remember SPACE? where i bought my cow milking, butter churning dress.

no clutter here.

rosaries are cool now. i forgot to tell you that.

bye dudes.

just kidding, there’s more.

before that we had hangover food and hair of the dog with the b&b’s.

i find when i’m hung i crave everything and nothing. wanted grease but not too much.

predictable fil.

what’s up patio cat? i remember a cat wandered into my public high school once, it was pretty hilarious.

everyone was a fan.

that’s all folks.

so much for the ex today, stupid rain.

12 thoughts on “if she weren’t writing in blood

  1. I found the patio cat very amusing. :D

    The video looks like a short clip inbetween scenes on kids in the hall or something.

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