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cheesy does it

here’s some head shots fil and i took yesterday. don’t laugh!

ths pose is called the fiesta.

this one’s called thick neck.

this one’s serious yet casual and we had to show tattoo so they know what they’re gettin’ themselves into.

hi, yes it’s true i do wear turtlenecks often.

i also loooooove Balzac.

i will not smile.

ok maybe a little. i am late for drama class though.

oh shit it’s the fist. here’s lookin’ at you kid.

ok barf sorry.

what’s that? i got the part!?

i am SO way down to earth you guys.

but don’t forget i can be serious too.

and mysterious.

i am a nice girl.

you’re supposed to wear shirts without patterns or prints so you can be better visualized in whatever role it is you’re goin’ for. i wanted a variation of style poses, kinda staying true to the typical head shot but being myself at the same time, and different shirts for variety also. i did some of the more classic poses too, fist to chin, open mouth fake smile laughing, ugh biography poses haha. also put on this renaissance dress we have recently acquired (that’ll come later) but for now the rest can be seen in this set and the rest will have to wait.

if you need head shots too you know who to call. for rate inquiry email

25 thoughts on “cheesy does it

  1. i wanted to lol at the balzac part so bad but then you went and said the drama class part. and that turtleneck DID go to drama class raymi.
    ive posed for headshots numerous times in my life and its tough, these look great. in my professional opinion.

  2. Don’t laugh = too late! But laughing with you, not at you. I love this whole thing.

    Which one is the “I’m a Little Tea Pot”?

    Why are you so afraid of a big, full, lovin’ life smile? I have seen you do it, and it’s fantastical every time.

  3. Oh, darn. You link from Facebook saying you have head shots. I thought you mean ACTUAL head shots like from a shooter game like COUNTERSTRIKE? There’s nothing I love better than popping some terrorist’s head like a ripe pumpkin. Or the five-mile snipers in TRIBES, or the extreme-range sniping with the sniper-gun-head guy in MDK (MURDER DEATH KILL)! I guess those are pretty old games by now.
    Oh, well, once a nerd always a nerd.

  4. HAHAHAHA the one with your arms awkwardly crossed. Total Lifetouch elementary school photo!!!!!!!
    sooo much fiesta and turtlenecks…did I tell you I like your new hair colour? Because you should know that I do.

  5. The camera loves you Raymi, there’s not one bad photo there! When are you going to submit them to America’s Next Top Model ;-)

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