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how to get shot by TorontoLife

go to a douchebag club dressed like a slob and don’t give two fucks.

photos by Krist Papas totally rad guy. knows a star when he sees one.

more photos from last nite coming soon. great notabletv jam. vaneska dj’d and what a breath of fresh air she was.

i went to bed hiccuping. also that is casies shirt.

i need more SLOB CHIC submissions.

17 thoughts on “how to get shot by TorontoLife

  1. um no attention whore tactics at all actually, he approached me as i stand out all on my own. so i got some poses down. the end.

  2. Didn’t mean it that way (shmoozing for pics or whatever). Meant more like… you are you, therefore you stand out, therefore you attract attention = pics get taken. Natural effect of not being a sheep.

    I think I am used to too casual/fuckuppery’d usage of “attention whore”.

  3. oh yeah i guess i should link it for the non-tweeters. one especially douched out girl (who was nice) pulled me aside and said um can we talk about this shirt, what’s going on with it? she was wearing club clothes.

  4. I’m sure it was out of genuine concern. Is that better or worse than if they just roll their eyes or give a dirty, dirty stare and whisper to their minions?

  5. then she decided she liked me and i gave her my phone number (wasted and she said she wanted to call me sometime?) she said if she was a lesbian she would do me i said you dont have to be a lesbian to fuck girls. her friends hated me.

  6. Of course. She compromised their sheep solidarity. Perhaps she was enlightened by the experience. Anyway, sticking foot in mouth now.

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