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Il me parle tout bas

pass these guys everyday for the most part. no strong urges yet. sometimes i will swoon over the display, but that’s most likely due to the big VERA WANG on the window. if it were just a regular bridal store i wouldn’t give a shit i’m sure. fil says the dress in the back the bottom of it looks like crumpled up toilet paper is affixed to the skirt. of course he’d say that. dude wants me to wear a fucking burlap sack i bet. ok this is going to be one of those dreamer wedding blog posts. PSYCHE no it’s not. still no plans as of yet. when it happens it’ll be an elope-type wedding, already on honeymoon, party when we get back. therefore a dress like this isn’t necessary. even though thanks to barbie at some point in my life i am “supposed” to wear a wedding dress – despite not feeling a strong urge or desire really to do so, i still feel obligated to again, thanks barbie. i don’t blame movies or old-timey magazines, barbie is the only culprit here. i wasn’t one of those girls when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up said MARRIED. i feel like my getting married is more so a dream for my nana. marriage bells won’t be ringing until we have money for a house, sorry. want us to get married now? give us a down payment so i can start collecting stupid knick knacks to fill my dream house with. grandchildren? same deal.

shit. the word obligated just reminded me of something i wanted to write about last nite that came to me in bed, the phrase obligated pride comes to mind. ugh whatever.

its come back. this is going to stress out my dad.

i’m pretty certain this is from the way i type combined with how i hold my hands in claw-form when i’m thinking – doing anything that involves the slightest amount of thought or movement.

sick! i’ve had it checked before, it’s called a ganglion cyst. this time around it’s sore though. maybe i need a computer break. see what i do for you ungratefuls.

problem solved.


if you watch this you are an even bigger loser than i am.

arran: You should get another Dear Raymi post going because I have some questions for you. Like, how do I get my neighbors to shut up? They are an innocent family but they’re loud.

i tried to get more details out of you concerning this family but apparently you are too busy to get back to me. anyway, i am probably the last person you want advice from as i have been in a do nothing stalemate with my yelling neighbour for three years now. sometimes i bang on the wall and they shut up, i think that’s the best thing to do. it’s non-committal yet also lets them know you can hear them so maybe they should give it a rest. also, it shames them which is a bonus cos they avoid us now, great! as we are that couple next door to the griswolds in this building. selfish snob assholes, basically.

and yes i’ve heard/read about the tanning bed recent “discovery” (like we all didn’t know about it before) and my first thought was man i want to go tanning as well as fuck there goes my nice tan.

also, vancouver’s heat complaints are funny to me because they are finally experiencing summer toronto temperature we receive each year.

39 thoughts on “Il me parle tout bas

  1. you remember how difficult it was to get this thing in here not just physically but MENTALLY courtesy of fil. he’s only fucking himself over in wrecking it.

  2. see those tanning bed warning things are the same as cigarettes, every no smoking sign just makes you want a smoke.

    anyway yes, perfectly su/stainable couch, oops typo.

  3. Yes, I’m too busy to get back to you. Thanks for the advice. I’m sure everything will work out great now. I had a ganglion when I was a teenager. It made me feel like a mutant freak. The Doctor tried to drain it with a syringe and it felt like he was sucking out my soul it hurt so much, but it didn’t work. Then I think he said in the old days they’d whack it with something and it would go away. I was like, no thanksy.

  4. That bump made me dizzy yikes

    wikipedia says – the traditional method of treating a ganglion cyst was to strike the lump with a large, heavy book, causing the cyst to rupture and drain into the surrounding tissues.


  5. I also had a ganglion as a teenager, and my doctor told me to “strike” the lump, and so I did. It hurt like bloody hell, but it actually helped, and eventually it went away. Mine wasn’t quite as large though, that thing is quite gnarly.

  6. i had a friend with one of those on the inside of his wrist and he just slammed it down on a table full force. he said it hurt, but it went away.

  7. i am a pain wimp. a friend of ours has a humongous one on his inner wrist and he hides it with a huge diesel watch. he got it from renovations (his job) it is fucking hideous.

  8. I hear you on the noisy neighbor garbage. Even though once upon a time I was one of those pricks, you get older, you get more considerate. I had a couple move in two doors down from me, they were typical. Happy to be away from mommy and clueless that their music reverberating throughout the floor after midnight might be inconvenient for the rest of us. After my girlfriend dissuaded me from the instant anger baseball bat scenario, I had a different idea. I brought in one of the more disreputable types from one of my motorcycle clubs, gave him a lawn chair and an airhorn and sat him down in front of their door. ( He did this for the laugh and beer). I knew their schedule , clued in the neighbors who were just happy I’d deal with it, and had him shoot off the airhorn when they needed to be getting to bed.It only took one time, they came out thinking wtf and he told them no more radio, people need to fucking sleep man, don’t make me come back.No more problems.Simple and I didn’t have to deal with getting arrested for assault.Oh yeah, your hair’s looking good. My girlfriend does the similar thing. Different styles and all. Definitely beats that bangs helmet-head look.

  9. your primary care physician can drain that for you……I’m having it done soon to a small one on my wrist…………..I’ve tried that striking it thing and that shit hurts too much to do that!!!

  10. I have a re-occurring ganglion cyst on the opposite side of yours. My doctor told me the pain is from it pinching or sitting on tendons if I recall correctly.

    I hate it :(

  11. I have one of those ganglion cysts on & off on my left wrist too. That word groooooooooosses me out. Sometimes it swells & hurts & i have fantasies of smashing it with a hard cover book as some dude told me he knew someone who did that to theirs & it burst, yum.

  12. I has a ganglion cyst when I was little and Mom said I was going to die from it. Thanks Mom.

    Seriously though, the best way to do it is consistent pressure, just lean it against a table/counter/whatever and PUSH. It’s WAY less painful than just slamming the fuck out of it.

  13. we’re getting hitched in september and my dress was a 100 dollar black a-line cocktail style dress and i bought a froofy crinoline that peeks underneath. totally love it and can’t wait to bust it out in front of the grandparents i think they already think i am evil because i dyed my hair black, sigh sigh! those vera wangs are prettiiiiies!!!! swooony swoon xoo.

  14. I can’t wait to actually be excited about weddings dresses but right now when I think of them I get a headache, too pricy man!

  15. I have a ganglion cyst on the inside of my right wrist. It randomly appeared a couple of months ago. My doctor told me just to leave it as it is and NOT to smash it with a book…lol. I might get it removed eventually but for now it’s not causing any pain. You said you had one before, did it go away on it’s own?

  16. i wish i had a cute little ganglion cyst. Instead, I have a lipoma the size of a fist in my right hip. It even makes my clothes tighter. Lame.

    That tanning beds are probably unhealthy has been known for a long time, but that article you linked really lays it down: tanning beds are as bad for you as the Vietnam War. That’s a bit different than uh yeah we think that maybe um dont do it too much.

    Any amount of Vietnam War is too much.

  17. At least you guys have real health insurance. I swear, if we can’t pass some kind of plan over here I’m officially moving to Canada.

    Sorry about your hand…

  18. yeah i had this before twice, it went away, came back, went away, came back gradually didn’t bother me but now it hurts.

  19. I used to have a girlfriend who had the same thing on her wrist. Is it soft and puffy or hard like bone? Hers was some calcium build-up thing that was hard like bone. it would come and go a few times a year.

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