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in the wind i crunch i want to die

i had a greek fisherman’s hat like this (in cream and the braid was beige) but some dickhead at a house party of mine stole it. he was wearing it all nite and i kept saying you better not leave here with that hat in between dancing drinking etc. the hat was gone in the morning. thanks for inviting those guys you met at the bar cheryl!

homebase for the weekend. those two 2-4s beneath the table were untouched if you can believe it.

sharpie had the right idea in bringin’ up that wig.

you kids need to get over this mask. what are you, 2? BOO!

poor stefan we “pissed on him all weekend long” one thing of which being water balloon fight attack, he got pelted from all sides. sorry, “ambushed” haaha. it’s ok i got him fil and samir from outside and locked out by the girls they thought i had joined the other side so fil whipped a balloon at my back from close-range, TWICE, it wouldn’t burst. i was pretty peeved after that (it really hurt) and the game pretty much ended. but we kept finding un-burst balloons all over the place which was funny. i was told that’s what i get for bringing up water balloons.

that’s betty. the mask looks great on everyone.


still dry.

ketchup-free, still amazing.

thank you for butting your cigs out in this OBVIOUS ashtray, guys.

nothing makes you want to go back in time more than seeing pictures of food you ate. yeah maybe to see a dead relative one more time or whatever BUT NO ONE EVER SAYS THAT but for a burger, yes, i will go back in time for a burger.

um i am kinda detoxing (trying to) this week so my brain isn’t functioning right.


dance party!

audrey seriously wore this hat as a teenager (like last week) with no irony whatsoever. brings to mind a ton of stupid floral printed shorts and shirts my mom bought THANKS MOM also THANKS FOR THE PERM TOO!


my family has these on vhs too and i have watched each decade at least 200 times, fully memorized. audrey knows ‘em well also.

oh hi there.

that is fil’s signature boozin’ snarl photo face. i smell a meme post. should i dig up 60 similar photos to this? he just dared me to. wuh-oh.

insta-face lift.


watch your step!

bahahaha that was funny. time for bed!

aw why so sad?

HELLO! we got heavy and i said every girl should invest in a hot pink bikini top. deep silence then audrey says, yes, that is very true. total blasted moment.

enjoying the moment after the moment has passed. stefan i swear to god you better send me some pictures. dude has like a basement archive of photos on a projector he watches by himself, crying. we sure as shit have never seen any.

things are gettin’ pretty serious.

fil owns this hat in twenty different colours.


hi i’m here to shoot stills for you guises what you hired me for.

mask mask wah wah oh noes i scared!

i’m sure it was a fantastic dance move. as they all are.

like that one.

the gross/great thing about that mask is all your breath condensation gets trapped in the cheeks and chin. i need to punch a bigger hole in the mouth so i can eat and drink without pulling it up.

grand finale.

samir passed out so we paid him a visit. also paid stefan a visit the following nite and i was wearing the mask in the hopes of startling him but he had cashed out hard.

ok the rest will have to wait i have to um, do research now.

13 thoughts on “in the wind i crunch i want to die

  1. You sure know how to party. And I still love that hippy dress. Or shirt? It’s awesome either way. I invested in some hot pink nail polish that matches my hot pink tank it’s a little mind blowing.

  2. haha nice post which i liked generally of course but this line resonated with me the most:

    “hi i’m here to shoot stills for you guises what you hired me for.”

  3. SOME PEOPLE HAVE MASK PHOBIAS they just do. i am so googling the word for that.

    i too would like to thank mom for the floral print shorts and shirts (all pink & purple) and perm

    also the part about fil owning that hat in all colours killed me and stefan crying in the basement too

    also your hair looks pretty under that disgusting mask

    i’m done

  4. just so u know, the greek fisherman’s hat actually came straight from greece – ya i sure did bring it alll the way back to give to my little brother as a gift so he could never wear it……. perhaps it would have been better served on your head. ok FINE u can have it.

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