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i can feel your ghost when i’m alone



yesterday i learned that the harsh lighting of the dome, the muggy heat moisture fuzzying up my hair i barely had time to dry = not doing any favours for the au natural roots. soo many fug photos of my hair, and one video which you will see momentarily revealed how long my roots are, like to the bottom of my head in the back i had no idea! ew! so basically i want to dye my hair the same colour as my roots and hopefully that will be possible w/o further destroying it.

fuzzy wuzzy.

coupla hens sittin’ behind us. oh wait that’s radmad and meegs.

way natural.

speaking of hair, brosz7 got shorn. mara said it makes him look more polish.

i don’t even know who i’m taking pictures of here. such a fan!

yeah that helps.

sunflower seeds?

good idea when you start at noon.

brutal hair. it’s not as bad when not hanging out beneath flood lights.


when’s the album gonna drop?

urban leon’s beside the steamwhistle brewery just opened. impressive.

they have a pod chair there too! (not featured obvs).

we watched a trashy woman pick up someone’s dropped beer ticket, one of her own friends to boot, and pocketed it. she held it in her hand for awhile out of guilt, i stared holes into the back of her head praying for her to look at us and she did, so she knew we knew and pocketed it anyway. tacky.

took the wrong route through some construction. got some guys to lift up a fence to let mara and i through. being cute rules.


pitt made himself some eggs with some butter substitute i forget the name of.

we got in trouble so i took some down in plastic bags when we left.

ok bye multi-tasking here kinda lazy post gotta laundry pack goin’ to cottage xoxoxoxjdvgjk;sdbgowebgoiesbvgds/.

that’s another ferris bueller day off in the bag see ya next year!

9 thoughts on “i can feel your ghost when i’m alone

  1. I like that top

    you going to a cottage? Your bro is going to the Canadian Open.I’m off to an “Xmas in July” party.

    Have fun!

  2. Great pic’s. I was wondering where you live…long sleeves & pants at a ball park! Good lord! Then I saw it was Canada…lol. 90 degrees at night at the Cinti.Red’s park.

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