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stand in the front just a shakin your ass

wilbur and lise and i decided to take back my empties to the beer store. only got 2.50 out of it. i knew it would never happen if i waited for fil to finally agree to it so i did it myself. arm work out was worth it enough.

should fil get these pretentious hippie do-gooder shoes that look like every other pair he already owns?

with recycled tire soles! i foresee a million jokes and rolling my eyes ten thousand times a second in the future when someone points out his shoes and he shows off the soles.

lise put up some more art. she is so adorable.

fuzzy velvet poster.

aw. i even spied a topless postcard of me on the fridge!

prism unicorn! do you call it that?

and then i fainted. just kidding i dyed lise’s hair while we gossiped and watched some of the hangover and had snacks. just kidding. no i’m not. just kidding just kidding just kidding.

no i’m not.

emo day surprise. i asked lise if she would feel better if we went through her clothes and she gave me some haha and i think it did! i know it made me feel better.


if you need me i will be wearing this again today.

LOVE it.

red curry ground turkey.

in order to commit less carbicide i threw mine atop a pile of mesclun in lieu of rice. i don’t know why this has not occurred to me before. fil was mad i didn’t make it occur to him to copy me sorry not my responsibility even though i TOLD you i was planning to do it so make less rice.

look it’s carly my new agent. at green room they asked if she was old enough to drink haa ha. actually mucho depressing as i was not asked that AND she’s older than me! by two years! (sorry for telling everyone your age)(no i’m not just kidding)(just kidding).

shower time it’s playin’ hooky day and i have the world’s massivest zit on my face. brutal.

did you guys watch toddlers and tiaras last nite? i only lasted a half hour. all my opinions of it are on my twitter.

14 thoughts on “stand in the front just a shakin your ass

  1. Toddlers & Tiaras makes me feel dirty. Perhaps even dirtier than any of the other crap I watch (Daisy of Love, Tool Academy, Paris Hilton’s BFF, The Pickup Artist, Top Model, etc… *shudder*)

    I only made it halfway through, too. The substance that made it tolerable enough to watch also put me to sleep~!

  2. I have a pair of Simple shoes with a tire bottom like that and I adore them.

    I stayed up late watching that show last night, I couldn’t look away. I was like should I laugh or cry? Those poor little boys are SO getting beaten up at school over the next 12 years…

  3. i also have a massive zit on my face. i just popped in in the bathroom and now it is oozing yellow stuff….it has been oozing for like 25 minutes. AWESOME! looks way better now though that i popped it.

  4. I’m totally obsessed with those velvet black light posters. I don’t actually own one, but somedaaaaay…

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