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this will be a song one day

made my infinitieth pair of short shorts and these ones are the new winner. sucks though cos i had two pairs of h&m jeans in a similar grey to each other and of course i cut the wrong pair leaving me with the bigger sized jeans that i never wear. it’s better to cut up bigger jeans into shorts as in the beginning you wear them more and they have a better chance of making it into your shorts family. if they’re too tight you just chuck ‘em in the back of the closet. however, if you stick to the smaller size, stick it out i mean they will stretch and meld to your figure. so whatever. oh and i got cruised at the supermarket in this get-up by a drunk leather jacket skeezer old guy. awesome. he said by the way nice hair after telling me the celery with the leaves is the best kind.

since the weekend i have cooked dinner all by myself three nites in a row and all have been maje successes. monday nite was minced lean turkey with peppers and caribbean rice. i added some bacon fat to the turkey/veg concoction, mustard seeds and sriracha, pepper and salt, simple.

hugely recommend these, there’s 4 different flavours and they only take 20 mins all in and pump your dish into NEXT LEVEL status.

brown tomatoes!

looks brutal but was so tasty i couldn’t stop congratulating myself. no leftovers that nite.

it’s really hard watching movies with fil when he finds holes in the plot and overall logic, guy just can’t lose himself in the story. ever. annoying.

despite the delicious of our meal was still craving more around 11.30 munchies time. just knowing that bufala was in the fridge was enough to do me in.

fil wanted to break it up this time. the basil came from our plant from the hippie market.

i am trying to picture shoving that entire thing in my mouth. i think it would be too much. i mean i could take it but yeah, overkill.

speaking of did you guys watch that thing on the 650lb virgin last nite? he was kinda insane right?

who went out and tried bufala after the last time i posted about it? can you back me up here please.

nails are getting long again. mentioning them is the kiss of death though.


halted from the WHAT’S FOR DINNER? phonecall as in i am already buzzed (thanks pitt) and can’t think do it for me.

green curry supreme with chicken. night before last was another chicken peppers with caribbean rice medley. no pics and it was too salty i think. the green curry was great as usual.

fil asked if i had any special visitors because i was wearing this dumpy dress wtf seriously? guys need to learn how to compliment you right. that’s it new rant, new guide, i’ve had enough.

anyway sorry for the lame we’ve been boring all week, downtime emo after the weekend.

11 thoughts on “this will be a song one day

  1. that movie is bible belt propaganda

    exhibit A,
    all the foretold prophecies etc all dealt with american tragedies like, exclusively

    as if oracles who concern themselves with tragedies of like..4 people dying at a time. that list would be like 10 billion pages long right?

    the implication was that god or aliens care more about american tragedies than non-allied ones and i found it offensive.

  2. Bahaha the ending of that movie was so shit-tastic. I saw part of the 650 lb virgin last night and I couldn’t stop cringing…so awkward.

  3. thanks for inviting me over to 1 of those 3 nights of dinners you had by yourself.

    i was also by myself all week, and will be next week.


  4. i didn’t have it by myself i just made it all by myself because fil was “too tired” normally we help one another a little bit but yes come over next week – what would you like?

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