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le partio

the star of the show. i’m telling you, starving artist at the drake cafe sunday-wednesday 4-6, ten bucks for a drink and a meal.

just a little bit disingenuous there janet.

i went for the brisket poutine. i think they forgot the gravy or only put a teeny bit at the very bottom. either way still delish.

plenty of brisket this time, could only eat half. oh yeah we starved ourselves beforehand thinking yeah i’m gonna order more than one meal (and i did) but what do ya know, you’re full off a few bites. also my hat flew off before we left our street and then my left peddle exploded off on harbord so stopped in at the first bike store and they helped me out, also pumped up my tires too. gold.

my second order out of desperation? it was 5.41 and the cheap window was approaching so i did it. meh.

sharpie and i dropped in on the drake general store while samir went to meet stefan on my bike and fil went to the lcbo to grab a suitcase of pabst and pink champagne for me. ugh.

i had a peewee doll, my dad has it in fact yet both my brother and him insist that the doll was my brother’s. no. WRONG. I was the obsessively dedicated peewee fanatic. that doll was given to me by santa claus when i was 4 thank you very much and the pants are all ripped up in the back cos i tried to take his clothes off – an impossible feat pulling the pants down over those perma-shoes so i decided to cut them off then realised they weren’t ever going back on so i aborted the make-over. check the ass, there’s sewing thread explosion all over it.

look it’s sharpie.

for when your ass bleeds and you don’t want to deal with the visual. or for your period.

um, i need this.

bought one of these for my papa once, forget which song it plays. i think la vie en rose maybe? no wait, an elvis song. it’ll come to me eventually.

god can’t i just stand around dealin’ ‘tude lookin’ hot in a store all day long like that girl gets to?

exposed under brick icing looks storybook-like to me.


i want a garden right now.

i will sit on the porch on a rocking chair and snap don’t touch at anyone who comes near my prize-winning petunias. no kidding i will be squirly proud welcoming with spiders in my hair.

i’m thinking more and more these gotta be wildflowers aka weeds, cos they’re everywhere and require minimal to zero maintenance.

the rest of last nite’s events to come shortly.

also! i need SLOB CHIC submissions. i will apply all necessary and applicable LOLhipstertardspeak captions to your photos.

ps. girl geeks with iphones, d/l the myvibe app it’s free and works! check it.

14 thoughts on “le partio

  1. forget the cut – the important thing to know about brisket is that it is slooooow cooked [and/or smoked] and when done right pretty much falls apart in your mouth mmmmmmmmmm

  2. Was going to pass along the vibe app, but isn’t phone radiation in the girl area a concern? Also, the Biggie doll will bust caps in all them other dolls be frontin.

  3. whoa duuuude where did your boobies go in the last pic?

    not trying to be mean, just meant you look uber-skinny in that picture!

    brisket is good; some things you just dont want to know the origin of.

  4. And welcome to garden talk.
    Those are lillies, not weeds, you were kidding, right?
    And I don’t see any petunias anywhere.
    The lillies are very easy to grow – almost no maintenance.
    And lots of colour and lovely smells.

  5. they seem like weeds is all, as they’re everywhere, like weeds, and grow pretty easy on their own, like weeds.

    petunias was an i want a garden joke, craig.

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