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unexpressed anger at nothin in particular

being home blows, i am terribly morose over it and also on my period. fun everything. sigh.

closin’ up shop one last read on the deck. actually first read on the deck as it only gets sun in the morning time and guess which princess be sleepin’ ’round then why am i talking like a rapper now? hangin’ out with the skids has changed my vocab delivery some. guess it’s trying to acclimate back to its former garbage pile self.

i do not drink steamwhistle unless i am at steamwhistle and there is nothing else to drink. therefore, these soldiers, not mine. i may be a pisstank, but not a beer pisstank.

the soles are for indoors. FT! wearin’ ‘em out try and stop me.

i could just cry.

where most of the magic happens.

my pizza with ground beef what tastes like hamburger helper, spinach and tomato i give it a B solid, no plus no minus. the guys both got salty olives on their pizzas, ruins everything. olives are meant for martinis only. also, i do not understand this whole pineapple shit. do not get me started on pineapple, woh-no what are you a fucking luau? NO. you are a pizza. act like one.

almost bites it. who knew that chair tilted back so much.

two rounds of over-tired somewhat blasted clue and we felt like geniuses. sean called out the name of one of the cards i had to show him. also the english sheets were all used up so the game was extra slow cos we were working from the french side, holy sal de bal thought i was on my way to the ugh forget it can’t finish this joke.

we also played scrabble and couldn’t finish on account of total collective stupidity and because fil secretly bought little fireworks that morning and it was after 3am i didn’t understand why he kept saying we had to go down to the lake one more time before bed, i don’t think i understood anything by that point actually and i didn’t grab my camera either way to go guys. but thank you for the surprise, dinky.

blew out some brain cells. i was actually in the lead for the duration but then i challenged fil on “ho” thinking it wouldn’t be in a dictionary from 1920-something. it was. challenging in scrabble gets pretty heated.

next day water way warmer, no wind so no choppy, pure fantasy.

the raft was put in not the dock, the dock was there to begin with thanks dr.correctlor buzzkill extreme aka px.

fil and sean as hot chicks. everyone dressed up in nanny’s tickle trunk costumes as kids, and adults too, lots of wigs and masks in there. i’ve a nutso post from a few years back from a very fun weekend of costumes and tomato fights in the kitchen and jager and…i’ll just have to dig ‘em up.

me wearing the same slip as fil in 2005.

i want this quilt badly.

if you let your eyes glaze over slightly they kinda look like swastikas.

DOOOGE! that’s the sound of me blowing my head off with my finger gun.

sean’s whimsical toothpaste from ireland (his wife emm spends a lot of time there, they are gaga for her in ireland) fil and i both secretly tried it. it is hot pink and reminscent of pepto bismol, not really, only cos of the pink. fun times.

last 20 emo mins to myself the guys went to the dump and saw two bears, didn’t bring cameras.

sentimental over these flowers next door.

saying goodbye to the lake is the worst that’s when you know you are really leaving and you picture over 2 hours in the car totally exhausted and no i do not want to talk about it even though i just did.

here’s a bit of coincidence for you, or fate, or whatever hippie word you feel like using, cosmic perhaps. so while kid fil was fartin’ around at his cottage all those years back, 9 years his junior and right around the corner every summer at the homestead cottages there i was partying away with my family, seriously so close to his less than 5 minutes. can you imagine if we met, wouldn’t have worked out ha ha. i read in one of fil’s kindergarden reports by a teacher that he was moody and only happy when things were going his way. hole in one pretty much.

UPDATE: here is the post from the legendary september 2005 weekend. i was even asked to remove some photos from it back then ha and THIS POST will tell you all about it. a lot of things become my fault when fil is wasted on jager. i’m glad this post exists as evidence of it. oh here‘s another photo post. fk’n sean actually poured champagne through that strainer on my head.

that’s all for now holy hell the sky is so dark and i just heard some killer thunder time for some metallica and now it is pissing rain. EMOOOOOOO rainmi.

i will be adding some more photos to this post so come back if you have nothing better to do during your twenty-odd internet website shuffling OCD sprees, we all do it.

23 thoughts on “unexpressed anger at nothin in particular

  1. no rappers, just canadian northerners, but now my internet voice is trying to go back to wigger. also does not believe ryan’s pickle jar catching raccoons theory, he thinks he was kidding.

  2. i feel like using the word kismet

    the secret trick to the hick voice is to never use the letter G at the end of any word for any reason at all no matter what you’re doin. the letter G is pretentious – we all know how verb words end, let’s save some fuckin time. rappers conversely use the word G all the time.

    raccoons don’t get caught in literal pickle jars per se but they do get caught by the same principle as tom hanks did – they don’t open their hands/drop the food, so they can’t get out of the trap. or at least that’s what it said in a book called where the red fern grows by wilson rawls.

    comment novel over.

  3. haha what i scoffed at was a raccoon literally trapped with its paw in a pickle jar holding a pickle and being unable to a) let go or b) manage to yank a pickle out. them dudes are wily and strong.

    (but yeah, i do have my doubts about the principal working in general, as crafty as they are. then again, as raymi happily reminds me, what do i know being a city-bumpkin and all?)

  4. as with everyone else love the jumping off the dock pictarz.

    p.s. i miss you la! can go to da lakeview for food neh?

  5. if i were bettin money i’d say most raccoons would just let go of the food and scram but that lots of them would be unable to understand the situation and stay trapped

    we don’t even have raccoons here, i think the book was about arkansas raccoons, they might be dumber

  6. You had great weather. I miss up north but the weather is hit and miss now. Beautiful cottagey photos(is that a word?)
    Fil is moody and only happy when he gets his way?
    Sounds like my brother.

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