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i see the birds in the rain

we’re back now, had to, cid the fatty needs lots of food and attention constantly. it’s nice coming back saturday nite, way less emo cos you don’t wake up the following day on a monday. anyway, first off, here are some artfag shots i took using fil’s camera. he just left it layin’ there by the dock so i figured the best way to learn how to use it is to teach myself and not have him hovering like a dad trying to teach you how to drive. impossible.

the big-ass lens was on it too, you know the ones you see baseball photographers using, looks like a geeky nasa telescope? wicked heavy.

pretentious mistake. i dig.

this is in the boathouse of the cottage next door, fil’s childhood shared family cottage.

this picture likely already exists from years back.

of course.

really feeling that table top.

hahahaha so pretentious.

the boys put the dock in and had to go into town to get some tools, thus me alone with camera.

cousin sean’s dock.

hey loon.

ok i’ll chop these in half, next post, photos with my camera.

hi buddies.

oh and i banged my head pretty hard thursday nite. the guys were trying to creep me out by claiming they “saw something” move past the front window really quick, so i ran to the back and slammed the door as fast as possible not knowing you have to push with all your might to close that particular door until it catches with the deadbolt so it bounced back wicked fast as i was bending over recuperating from the hasty (saving our lives from a mysterious psycho killing bear person monster!) activity and knocked me on the top of my head, left side. it’s still pretty sore and i think attributed to some of my dizziness yesterday i had assumed was merely hangover and now thanks to billy mays’ bump on the noggin death, i fear my time’s gonna come like any second.

also, those motherfuckers saw nothing. blood on their hands now.

7 thoughts on “i see the birds in the rain

  1. likely the amount of booze coursin’ through my brain would’ve been the only thing that saved me. remember that kevin klein movie when the wife shoots him in his sleep, river phoenix was in it too. he survives from all the sleeping pills, slowed down the blood flow whatever and yeah it’s a fictional movie haha.

  2. Oh so jealous of your cottage-going. I have been longing to escape the city… your pics are like a breath of fresh air!

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