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the killpond

last nite before passing out.

teeny crazy rain windstorm what lasted 3 minutes if that. we ate at the millpond aka the killpond cos some guy busted in and shot his entire family back in the 90s. fucked eh.

we’re all pretty hung and useless. after breakfast we went to this hippie flower shack and i looked in the gift shop, sleuthing out some wacky finds.

hahah right.


kinda really wanted this (in different colour) but think i’ll wait til my hair turns white and i go completely squirly.

regret not buying it. the lady said she’s gonna get more, this was a kid’s medium, wicked small.

for the bathroom.

i want to propriate a crazy lady store one day too. it is my destiny.

score! finally some moccs.

time for a light beer and some dock action. xoxo.

windchimes are for people too stupid to know the wind is blowing.

in the bathroom stall at the killpond, look how many tickets were ripped off and there were two sheets. not good.

4 thoughts on “the killpond

  1. probably some broad was on her rag and ripped them all off at once thinkin “fuck bitches”. which is a funnier way of looking at it.

    the world would see harmony if women all got their period at the same time, as is there’s always millions just raggin it the fuck out, there to bring everyone else down. stoner theory #9875498459.

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