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obsessive blogpulsive

we all just spent way too long arguing over what toppings to get on two pizzas. one of us is a vegetarian. even whipped out a measuring tape. good thing fil got off the phone so we could sort it out. we are each getting our own pizzas and i can’t even remember what i requested on mine. the sun down by the water is amazing, getting some good work done on the tan front. no sunblock here so i just slapped on some warpaint.

this one’s for the hippies.

this one’s for the douchebags.

i jumped in the lake, the only one who has. i win. got immediately out afterward though. tons of pollen floating around the edges, gross. plus there are monsters down there. dead bodies of missing people never found, the lake is very deep and very cold down there, the bodies are entombed why am i talking about this right now?

see all the pollen, it’s yellow not dirt brown. annoying either way.

fil said i reminded him of sloane peterson. then i got all suspicious. moment ruined.

there’s no greater feeling than waving to someone on their speedboat from a dock and they wave back it’s like mutual givin’er vibes. well there are greater feelings but for that moment, it was the best one.

hey doods i’ll invade any one of your cottages anytime no problem you know how to reach me.

the boys aren’t getting fireworks. boo. sean is going to try and talk fil into it. maybe at least sparklers.

10 thoughts on “obsessive blogpulsive

  1. the sun behind it was just beautiful. fil got a shot in the nick of time too. i will probably cry when we have to leave.

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