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oh cottage

MJ rainbow. what a day huh? seeing footage of him as a kid is what’s making me feel most bummed, singin’ jams like abc and whatnot. we’re listening to the thriller album right now.

here’s an oldie mj vid of me being a deaner in the car. one star brilliant. this is from back when my trolls were trollin’ pretty hard.

on with the show as they say. this old man butted in front of us and the lady in this shot said TELL HIM he doesn’t know what he did all in charge and shit. awesome. so i did and he said well i thought you were takin’ pictures (not in line) i said same thing. nice try old man.


made it just in time for the last of light. fil got a speeding ticket mere moments from getting here ugh brutal. the guy was nice and dropped it. we were going 115 in an 80.

someone insisted we wear our wolf shirts.

love this place.

shoulda got a picture before i trashed it.

we felt the lake water and it’s sooooooo warm.

bye for now, drinking work to do.

think we’re gonna get fireworks tomorrow. i wish we did when in town but dad said no.

14 thoughts on “oh cottage

  1. it was last minute. hey mom newsflash im 26 and i live cities away why do i have to tell you my every waking move? anyway hi i love you xo.

  2. happy mother’s day raymi’s mom!
    every day is mother’s day.

    some 80 zones shouldn’t be 80 zones, it’s just a bunch of stupid motels or somethin that get together and decide they want people driving slower past their stores.

    have fun!

  3. yes
    at 26 you should still be letting your mother know when you are leaving town
    Have a great weekend and stay away from the firewater
    I love you too ox

  4. hey is there no video evidence of us singing mj in the car in oakville while we waited for fil to do more shit in the pouring rain?

  5. i was picking up my friends at the airport yesterday and this guy next to me was on his phone all “wow i heard mike died” and i was feeling extra chatty and sentimental.. so when he hung up i was like “yeah michael jackson, crazy eh?” and he goes “no my friend mike in LA died today.” yep.. never talkin to strangers again.

    oh and log jammin!!

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