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why did the hippie cross the road?

because he thought he saw something.

my bouche is amuse.

ordered the prix fixe, my salad. v nice.

some kind of fish i forget haha.

sean had the braised beef.

you’re not supposed to take photos in the spoke club. meh.

i was getting mad cut-eye from a waitress when this was being taken. does it show in my face? sass‘ dress is adorable.

word up casie check this photo of her as a sunshine girl ten years ago!

The caption said something like:

Casie Stewart a former Miss Teen Cambridge is looking for a career in marketing. She likes hockey (meh) baseball (meh) and rockclimbing (did it once).

hilarious and i think that pose should be brought back.

following evening we went to sweaty betty’s to help gill look cool in front of her aussie/kiwi mates.

brought her my leftover seaweed salad, wasn’t feeling it.

that wall splatter really brings out the print of britt’s shirt. claire don’t look so sad see you tonite!

dude couldn’t take a good picture of us to save his life.

think i’m gonna have to drop the shade of my makeup down a notch otherwise go tanning twice a week.

cheeky bugger. couldn’t understand the majority of anything he was saying.

nice. tan lines inspiration! i’m doin’ that this year you know (cos you care).

fil is probably tweeting as cid at this moment in time.

my thoughts exactly ha. when i showed up britt called me a bitch well she went hey bitch and i was all uh ok i am not drunk enough to deal with that one yet anyway i knew right off the bat she was a bit ahead of the game booze-consumption-wise. matt said he’d never seen her like that before and loved that she had zero filter ha JUST LIKE HIM!

sorry for the head cut off shot but in the other one gill has laser beam eyes. this nite was very posey for photos.

brosz7 and fil can’t go a day without seeing or talking to one another.



at one point i saw a doppleganger for a restraining order qualified stalker of mine and it was not a fun scene after that.

ruining the photo.

free show, what class! my underpants match britt’s shirt at least.

this bro was perving all over the teeniest woman ever it was hilarious.

britt and i got to dancing for a bit, it was interesting trying to dance in my sensible old lady wedges they certainly limit some integral moves i have built into my repertoire. next time it’s fryes.

time to whip this dump into shape cos barfanie‘s coming over! remember her?! PUMPED.

12 thoughts on “why did the hippie cross the road?

  1. No pictures allowed at the Spoke Club?

    #! – Says who? I didn’t see a sign! And even if I did…

    #2 – Fuck ‘em!

    Last I heard, the legality goes like this: if it’s open to the public, it’s a public place and you can’t ask people to not take pictures. Well you can ask, but you can’t enforce it. Wait a minute, the Spoke Club is not open to the public…. Uh……

  2. PPS: I was in a mood by that point in the proceedings. Watch the pictures I take when you’re not a-sposed-ta when I’m in full party mode.

  3. Will you please buy me that cougar print top your friend is wearing in a large please.
    I saw your grey dress you wear at Winners today but its a cobalt blue
    what size do you want?
    I have some more clothes for you

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