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sheena is a punk rocker now

the elimination of that poof would be nice.

i heard that women dress sexier when it’s that time of the month. i guess for someone like me that translates to escaped from the psych ward.

tres natural pose. do you know the hair spray on tights trick to make them last longer, stronger and prevents runs/rips/holes/tears? spray it on one leg at a time all over then rub in with hands. seriously i’ve had these tights for 3 years now. don’t believe me here’s an obscure little-known fact, in the pulp video for disco 2000 a girl in a restroom is spraying her tights, check it. (haven’t heard that song in forever where is my cd? anyway ew sounds so dated! the panty hose spray happens about midway in the video 3.38 hmm maybe it’s perfume but why the f would you do that?) though they’ve finally got a hole so i think i will have to send them on their way back to kindergarden heaven.

here it is in action.

that skirt is a total free-show’r.

ok i’m gonna go get a life now and make use of this nice sunny day but wait, first it’s cid time…

he has a twitter account now, guess who created it.


thanks for not hoggin’ all the room, guy.

7 thoughts on “sheena is a punk rocker now

  1. I am in love with Cid.

    All that other stuff is horrid, and it’s great that you are using this opportunity to make it public… but I’m still just simply in love with Cid.

  2. this guy is nothing to me i will never see him again and once i write something here i move on from it as i have dealt with other “haters” before it just moves down the page. meh. dude is awash with projection and insecurities, barely even knew me too which is hilarious. people are afraid of what they don’t know.

  3. yeah you handled that perfect.
    also disco 2000 tights scene i always thought was some kind of brit deodorant ritual. thanks for clearing that up AND the tip.
    best line: “you were the first girl at school to get breasts and martyn said that you were the best…” (i always thought it was “mum” not “martyn” had to look that one up)

  4. I have never heard of the hairspray trick, although I do keep my tights for years and years. The “weird” tights from costume shops that I like are thicker and last longer, I guess.

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